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Keep Money At Home

With the local price of gasoline above $4 per gallon, and diesel fuel even more, Archbold and area residents are responding.

They are responding as they always do when faced with a challenge; they are adapting and changing the way they live.

People are finding ways to make fewer trips and drive shorter distances. They’re consolidating trips and driving more fuel-efficient vehicles. There are more bicycles on the streets and sidewalks, and people are walking more.

The by-product is that people are spending their money closer to home. That means they’re paying more sales taxes in Fulton County, and the tax revenue is showing up in the county treasury.

Fulton County dollars are staying here and benefiting county citizens.

Sales tax revenue goes into the county general fund. Over the last few years, the general fund has been strapped for cash. Fulton County Commissioners skimped and saved, and kept the fund balanced.

The increase in sales tax revenue could give the commissioners a little more breathing room, allowing them to buy things and spend money locally, which will in turn, benefit the local economy.

The high price of gas has reinforced an important lesson: spending your money close to home keeps your dollars close to home, benefiting your community.

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