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Keep Highway Workers Safe

There is the old joke about there being two seasons in Ohio– winter, and road construction.

Well, it’s road construction season again, as the Ohio Department of Transportation, and others, have kicked off summer projects.

One can grumble and complain about the infamous orange barrels, but there’s one aspect of it all that everyone must take seriously– protecting the construction workers.

In order to keep traffic flowing, construction zones are established, often with workers a mere inches away from moving traffic. All it takes is one slip, one miscue, one moment of inattention, for tragedy to strike.

Workers receive special training to keep themselves safe. They do everything possible to protect themselves.

Motorists must be responsible by slowing down in construction zones, paying extra attention to flaggers, being extra cautious when following the path laid out by construction crews. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination in case traffic is backed up or stopped.

There always will be those who want to speed through construction zones as fast as possible, and for them, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has announced it will guard construction zones aggressively, which means troopers will hand out more speeding tickets.

Slow down. Pay attention. Exercise caution. Ignore the ringing or tweeting cellphone. Don’t be the cause of an accident… or the death of a construction worker.

When the roadwork is finished and the last orange barrel is removed, it will all be worth the trouble.

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