Archbold, OH

Keep EMS Talks Open To Public

After nary a word for weeks about the March meeting to review the county Emergency Medical Service system, Fulton County Commissioners discussed it at their Monday, March 26 meeting.

Buried in the minutes is a statement that should concern everyone.

Perry Rupp, the commissioner who first proposed a meeting to review EMS, stated: “The meeting needs to take place in an environment that they (members of the group reviewing EMS) can speak freely.”

That’s the politician’s code for, “We need to get the reporters out of the room, so we can make a deal without having anyone know what happened.”

They want to sell the public on the idea that only when they can talk in private will a thoughtful exchange of ideas take place.

Hogwash. If a person can’t say what they’re thinking in public, before taxpaying citizens, does it really need to be said?

Trust between the commissioners and Village of Archbold officials was damaged during EMS contract negotiations. A secret meeting is not the way to rebuild the credibility and trust that was broken.

Fulton County has one of the best EMS systems around. By approving property tax levies to fund it, voters have demonstrated they’re willing to pay for the service.

If the commissioners want to make changes to an already great system, doesn’t the public deserve to know exactly how and why?

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