Archbold, OH

Kathy Rupp Approved As Finance Director

Kathy Rupp, acting fi- nance director, gets to drop the word “acting” from her title.

Archbold Village Council approved her for the position; the promotion becomes official Sunday, Aug. 1.

With the promotion comes a $1,000 raise, bringing Rupp’s annual salary to $45,000.

Rupp became the village acting finance director after Joan Lovejoy retired at the end of January.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said Rupp’s work during the sixmonth probationary period was reviewed by himself and Jim Wyse, mayor.

“We did not observe any problems. She is a dedicated and competent person,” Howell said.

Electric Aggregation

Council approved the adoption of the First Energy Solutions electrical service aggregation plan. Archbold voters authorized the village to participate in the plan in the May primary election.

Under aggregation, the village becomes the agent for homeowners and small businesses in negotiations with First Energy Solutions for electricity-generating services.

FES has agreed to reduce the generation portion of power bills by 6% for homeowners and 4% for small businesses.

Two public hearings were held; there were no objections.

Light Change

Jeff Fryman, councilman, asked about changing traffic signals at the intersection of East Lutz Road and Clyde’s Way (Co. Rds. D and 22) to allow north- and southbound traffic more green light time. Currently, the lights favor east-west traffi c.

Howell said a study was completed at the intersection, and the north-south and east-west traffic counts were practically equal.

He told council members he is looking into traffic signals controlled by video cameras linked to computers. The system allows the lights to change more or less frequently, as dictated by traffic flow.


Council members approved renewing the village property and liability insurance through the V.S. Beck Insurance Agency.

The cost for July 2010 through July 2011 will be $54,543.

It is the third year of a three-year policy.

Council was set to hold a special work session yesterday, Tuesday.

The next regular council meeting is Monday, Aug. 2, 7 pm, in council chambers.– Michelle Pugh


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