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Mostly sunny

Kart Racing Returns To Archbold Sunday, Oct. 12

Racing karts return to Archbold, Sunday, Oct. 12 for the Terry Henricks Mopar Classic.

As in years past, an oval track will be laid out on the car dealership lot, and each class of karts will run two heat races and a feature event.

John Huffman, veteran Archbold kart racer, said last year, there were 120 entries and a crowd of more than 2,000.

“It’s a big deal,” Huffman said.

“A lot of really good karts from Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana come to this race. We had one come from as far away as Tennessee.”

The Archbold race is, “very highly respected in the kart community. Guys want to win here, because top to bottom in every class, there are no slouches.

“These guys and gals can get up on the wheel and drive.”

The racing can be so close that karts will make contact with one another as drivers try to push and shove their way to the front.

The temporary track favors neither horsepower nor handling.

“You’ve got to be able to drive. If you can’t drive, or if you are at all intimidated, you won’t do well,” he said.

The race was moved to October last year, after the original summer date was rained out.

It worked out for the racers, as other races are finished, vacations are over, and the temperature is cooler.

“Everybody’s looking for one more show before winter,” Huffman said.

Drivers begin their practice sessions at 11 am. Racing starts at 1 pm. Huffman predicted the event will wrap up about 4:30 pm.

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