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Justice Comes For Osama Bin Laden

On the first day of May, Justice came for Osama bin Laden.

Just as the 3,000 citizens of many nations had no warning when they died in the World Trade Center attacks, ordered by bin Laden, bin Laden had no warning when Justice, born on the rotor blades of American helicopters, arrived for him.

Unlike those who died in the towers, bin Laden had a chance to fight for his life. Reports say he picked up an automatic rifle and attempted to kill the American special operations team that was delivering Justice. For bin Laden’s efforts, Justice was delivered at 2,700 feet per second, by a bullet– an America bullet– to an eye.

An eye, forever darkened– 3,000 pairs of eyes.

Across the nation and across the world, many celebrated the death of bin Laden. Whenever a human life is extinguished by another human, the event is not worthy of a celebration. It is best acknowledged by a grim nod of the head, a moment of quiet satisfaction, or even a brief prayer.

There are those who will attempt to explain away bin Laden’s actions, laying the blame on the doorstep of imperialist America. They will be wrong. America’s missteps, real or imagined, do not justify what happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

For Osama bin Laden, Justice was delayed. For humans, it was a long time coming; but in the eyes of Justice, it was a mere tick of the clock.

Justice delivered bin Laden’s body to the ocean, where his remains will become part of the vast blackness of the deep, an insignificant mass amid the depths.

For the world, life will go on without him. Mankind will be scarred by his actions, but it will carry on.

For bin Laden, Justice has extracted its due. Now, the fate of his soul is in the hands of his God.

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