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Junior Fair Sale Proceeds Down

Proceeds from the 2009 Fulton County Junior Fair Livestock sale were down about 7% from 2008, the junior fair sale committee said.

Total proceeds, which included donations and market value, were $236,905.92, down $17,000.40 from 2008.

Proceeds were also down $95,769.20 from the 2007 record figure, which was $332,675.12.

There were a total of 595 animals in the junior fair, of which 530 were sold, up six from 2008.

Sale committee officials noted there were 25 fewer large animals such as steers, hogs, and lambs, and more small animals, such as rabbits, chickens, and goats. Hogs made up the largest number of animals, with 161, or 27%, of animals entered.

Donations to junior fair exhibitors totaled $166,345, down from the 2008 total of $194,090, and below the 2007 record of $203,281.

The market value of animals sold was $70,560.92, which was up from the $60,746.32 earned from market sales in 2008. During the 2007 record year, proceeds from the sale of animals at market was $129,394.12.

The sale was Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 9-10.

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