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Junior Fair Sale Donations Near $200,000, Up 20%

Backers of the Fulton County Junior Fair were generous with donations, putting up $198,740 to purchase animals.

Total donations were up $34,175, or about 20.7%, from last year, when total donations were $164,565.

The total number of market animals sold was also higher, 553 this year, compared to 522 in 2006, making for an increase of 31, or about 5.9%.

Lucas, son of Greg and Jodi Nofziger, rural Pettisville, received the largest donation for his grand champion beef steer. The animal weighed 1,310 pounds, and brought a $3,500 donation. It had a market value of $1,179. The buyers were Yoder & Frey Cushion Manufacturing Company, and Riley Tractor Parts.

The grand champion hog, showed by Taylor Creager, son of Todd and Patti Creager, Wauseon, weighed 261 pounds, and brought $3,000, against a $109.62 market value. Buyers were J&B Feeds, Ron Hodges- Edward Jones, Farmers & Merchants State Bank, and Falor Farm Center.

Local Winners

In the dairy feeder category, Tanner and Jaelyn Rufenacht, children of Brad and Tina, Archbold, showed the grand and reserve champions, respectively. Tanner’s animal, the grand champ, weighed 585 pounds, and brought $1,200. Pettisville Grain, Kalmbach Feeds, Archbold Equipment, and F&M Bank were the buyers.

Jaelyn’s reserve champion weighed 570 pounds, and netted $1,000, from Tri-Flo, Inc., and Rufenacht Farms.

Lucas Nofziger had the grand champion born and raised steer, but there was no sale.

The reserve champion born and raised steer was shown by Matthew Kinsman, son of Rodney and Joyce Kinsman. It weighed 1,280, and sold for $1,500. Market value was $1,152. Buyers were Archbold Elevator, Hit Trophy, Kinsman Propane, and Kids Play Angus.

Joshua Bruner, son of Mark and Jane Bruner, Pettisville, showed the reserve champion beef steer. It weighed 1,280 pounds. It sold for $1,200, with a market value of $1,152. Buyers were Archbold Equipment, Sky Bank, and Dean & Greg Nofziger Seeds.

Krista Thierry’s grand champion rabbit, a 5.1 pound animal, sold for $850 to Wauseon Machine. It had a market value of $3.57. Krista is the daughter of Jeff and Brenda Thierry, Archbold.

Stacy King, child of Jennifer and Duane King, Pettisville, had the reserve champion lamb. The 135-pound lamb brought $1,600 against a market value of $129.60. Joe Short, Fulton County commissioner, Sandra Barber, and Steve Buehrer, state senator, purchased the animal.

Milk, Horse Trophy

Each year, a gallon of milk is sold. The money is distributed to the youngsters who raise dairy animals.

This year, Chesterfield Dairy bought the gallon for $2,300. Total donations were $11,900.

Also auctioned was a trophy that benefits youngsters with horses. Countryside Animal Clinic bought the horse trophy, for $700. Total donation $4,541.

Other Winners

Results from sales of champion animals shown by youngsters from outside the area follows. The format: species, ranking (grand, reserve, etc.) exhibitor, exhibitor’s parents, hometown, weight, donation, market value, buyers.

Hog, reserve champion, outstanding market exhibitor: Mason Creager, Toddi and Patty, Wauseon, 286 pounds, $2,100, $114.40, Multi Cast Corporation.

Beef feeder, grand champion: MacKenzie Fruchey, Brian Fruchey, Fayette, 535, $1,200, market value not applicable, Miller Bros. Construction, Fountain Valley Trucking, Fulton County Cattle Feeders, Sky Bank, Holthues & Associates, Liechty Farm Equipment.

Beef feeder, reserve champion, Nicole Johnston, Paul and Cheryl, Wauseon, 555, $1,450, n/a, Shipshewana Auction & Farmstead Inn, Fayette Feed Mill, Nofziger Farm Service, in memory of Carl & Helen Hill.

Dairy steer, grand champion: Austin Borton, Gary and Carol, Wauseon, 1,255, $1,400, $1,029.10, Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Fayette Feed Mill.

Rabbit, Taylor Kruse, Jack and Peg, Wauseon, 5, $450, $3.50, Sky Bank, Steve Buehrer, state senator.

Turkey, grand champion: Sara Knapp, Missy and Greg, Liberty Center, 40, $450, $20.40, Knapp Plumbing & Heating.

Turkey, reserve champion: Chelsea Knapp, Missy and Greg, Liberty Center, 42, $300, $21.42, U.S. Utility Contractor Company, Inc.

Chicken, pen of three, grand champion: Kyle Keller, Jenny and Frank, Delta, 24, $650, $12.48, Wauseon Masonic Lodge 349.

Chicken, pen of three, reserve champion: Stacy Lane, Todd and Lynn, Wauseon, 28, $350, $14.56, T.A. Lane Trucking.

Lamb, grand champion: Hollis Richer, Fred and Hope, Wauseon, 129, $2,200, $123.84, Fulton County Processing, First Federal Bank, Wauseon, Broken Arrow Taxidermy, Demaline & Sons Construction.

Lamb, outstanding market exhibitor: Lauren Keefer, Todd Keefer, Swanton, 116, $300, $111.36, McDonnall Farms, McDonnall Greenhouse.

Goat, grand champion: Betsy Porter, Steve and Mary, Delta, 104, $400, $62.40, Mom’s Restaurant.

Goat, reserve champion, Emily Borton, Mitch and Pearl, Napoleon, 83, $300, $49.80, Cleaner Life Insurance, Tri-County Rural Electric.

Total animals sold: hogs: 193 animals sold, raising $69,375 in donations; lambs: 83, $28,125; beef feeder calves: 43, $19,200; rabbits: 82, $15,550; dairy feeder calves: 41, $14,900; beef steers: 17, $11,925; dairy steers: 19, $10,500; born and raised steers: 8, $6,150; goats: 17, $4,915; chickens, pen of three: 23, $4,345; turkeys: 9, $1,835.

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