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Archbold 7th Grade Volleyball

The Archbold seventh grade volleyball team defeated Stryker 25-15, 19-25, 25- 12, Monday, Oct. 8. “The girls did a nice job moving to play the ball,” said Coricia Meyer, coach. “Darian Oberlin had an outstanding night serving, as did Taylor Coressel.”

Points won on serves: Coressel, Oberlin, 12 each; Kenzie Yoder 5; Mariah Short 4; Jenny Lehman 3; Caroline Vonier, Maddie Short, Ashley Panning, 2 each; Dinah Rice, Rachel Brader, 1 each.

The Streaks beat Defiance 25-17, 25-19, Tuesday, Oct. 9. “The girls showed that they are still learning the many skills involved with the game of volleyball,” said Meyer. “Each game they showed improvement in a new area. Girls who generally don’t serve stepped up and did a nice job serving and scored points doing so.”

Points won on serves: Lehman 9; Coressel 6; Vonier, Yoder, 5 each; Tressa Parsley 2; Maddie Short, Rice, Brader, Mariah Short, 1 each.

Archbold upped its record to 11-5 with a 20-25, 26-24, 25-20 defeat of Tinora, Thursday Oct. 11. “This was a challenge for us because Tinora kept sending the ball over on one pass,” said Meyer. “We had a difficult time adjusting. I was proud of the girls for not giving up, and we managed to survive.”

Points won on serves: Coressel 17; Brader, Lehman, 5
each; Panning 4; Hanna Allison, Oberlin, Mariah Short, Yoder, 2 each; Maddie
Short 1.

Archbold 8th Grade Volleyball

The Archbold eighth grade volleyball team lost at Stryker 23-25, 23-25, Monday, Oct. 8. “Most stats concentrate on attacks, serves, and sets, but you can’t have the attacks and sets if you don’t have the passing,” said Dina Gladieux, coach. “Tori Williams did a very nice job passing during this match. Abby Short, Morgan Cody, and Laura Short each had two kills.

“Despite the loss, it was an exciting match because the girls were starting to move and play like they did earlier in the season. Morgan, Tori and Megan Gerig all had single blocks. Megan and Laura did a nice job setting with four and three assists, respectively. Leading the team in kills were Tori and Erin Nafziger, with three each.”

Points won on serves: L. Short 9; Gerig, Williams, A. Short, 2 each; Sami Wyse, 1.

The Streaks beat Defiance 20-25, 25- 8, 25-14, Tuesday, Oct. 9. Gerig and L. Short led the team in assists with four and three, respectively. Williams led the team in attacks with eight, followed by Gerig and A. Short with three each. Williams had two blocks; Kathy Small had one. “Laura had an outstanding serving night,” said Gladieux.

Points won on serves: L. Short 15; Williams 8, Gerig 7; Audrey Stuckey 6; A. Short 5; Cody 3; Wyse, Nafziger, 1 each.

Archbold evened its record to 8-8 with a 25-12, 25-20, 25-16 victory over Tinora, Thursday, Oct. 11. Williams led the team in spike kills, with six, and one block. L. Short led Archbold in assists, with six, had two kills, and “had a good serving day, as did Williams,” said Gladieux.

“The team showed a lot of potential as they ended the regular season and prepare to face Bryan in the first round of the tourney.”

Points won on serves: L. Short 17; Williams 14; Cody 5; Gerig 4; Chelsea Goebel, Stuckey, Nafziger, 3 each.

Archbold defeated Bryan 25-18, 25-23 in the eighth grade tournament at Bryan, Saturday, Oct. 13. “The girls started out strong and had few letdowns,” said Gladieux. “They kept the level of intensity at a high level.”

Cody had two blocks and one spike kill; L. Short, seven assists and three kills; Gerig, three assists and two kills; Williams, five kills.

Points won on serves: Gerig 7; Goebel 6; L. Short 4; Cody, Williams, A. Short, 3 each.

The Streaks beat Evergreen in a tournament semifinal 25-22, 9-25, 25- 21. The Vikings had been undefeated the entire seventh and eighth grade seasons up until this match.

“Wow! This is what we work the whole season for, to play a match like this,” said Gladieux. “Missed serves slowed the momentum a few times, but the girls bounced back. Cody, Goebel, and L. Short all had key blocks. L. Short also added in 10 assists and three kills, while Gerig had seven assists and four kills. A. Short was the leading attacker with seven kills.

“The entire team played outstanding. This was more like the championship match.”

Points won on serves: Gerig 9; L. Short 7; Cody, A. Short, Stuckey, 4 each; Goebel, Nafziger, Williams, 1 each.

Archbold (10-9) finished second in the tourney with a 25-21, 14-25, 13- 25 loss to Delta in the championship match. “This was a tough loss after beating such a good team as Evergreen,” said Gladieux. “Missed serves severely affected the final outcome. The girls just couldn’t seem to pull it all together like they did in the previous match.”

Points won on serves: Goebel 9; Gerig 5; L. Short 4; Stuckey 3; Nafziger 2; Wyse, Williams, 1 each.

“The girls have shown a lot of improvement since day
one, and once again the season ends with me being very proud of this program and
team,” said Gladieux.

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