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Jr. High Sports Digest

Archbold Cross Country

The Archbold junior high cross country team traveled to Napoleon for a tri-meet between Archbold, Napoleon, and St. Paul, Tuesday, Sept. 11. The Archbold boys team placed first with a score of 22 points. Napoleon was second with 37; St. Paul did not have a complete team. Scoring for Archbold were Adrian Ramirez, Chan Tinsman, Alex Hurst, Dean Herrett, and Ryan King.

Napoleon won the girls meet, as no other school had a complete team.

Pettisville Cross Country Boys

Otsego 21, Lakota 34, Pettisville no team score

2. Tanner Rufenacht, 12 minutes, 38 seconds; 4. Seth Hernandez, 13:18; 9. Justen Douglass, 14:06.


no team scores

3. Amber Loar, 15:02; Brittany Hamilton, 17:00; Annie Eicher, 20:05.

Cross Country Delta Invitational Boys

Fayette 82, Archbold 93, Delta 96, Anthony Wayne 109, Byrnedale 113, Defiance 179, Wauseon 192, Hicksville 200, Deveaux 209, Tinora 228, Montpelier 263, Fairview 311, Antwerp 318, Edgerton 365

“I’m very pleased with continued improvements,” said Russ Lambert, Archbold coach. “Every runner ran personal best times for the season. It’s great for the kids to see all the hard work paying off.”

2. Adrian Ramirez (A), 11:33; 13. Tanner Rufenacht (P), 12:34; 19. Chandler Tinsman (A), 12:49; 27. Josh Borton (P), 13:02; 28. Seth Hernandez, 13:03; 29. Ryan King (A), 13:04; 33. Dean Herrett (A), 13:06; 44. Travis Beck (A), 13:26; 59. Nathan Wachtmann (A), 13:57; 74. Seth Yoder (A), 14:19; 76. McCaylen Croninger (A), 14:22;

79. Dylan Reisser (A), 14:28; 97. Kyle Bronson (A), 15:19; 98. Justen Douglass (P), 15:19; 119. Caleb Wyse (A), 16:13; 123. Hayden Muntz (A), 16:25; 132. Mason Gericke (A), 17:05; 133. Olley Short (A), 17:07; 135. Brodie Ranzau (A), 17:10; 141. Brayton Roth (A), 19:10.


Anthony Wayne 34, Wauseon 38, Defiance 94, Edgerton 109, Delta 116, Deveaux 157, Swanton 173

1. Tanner Hostetler (P), 12:52; 30. Amber Loar (P), 15:34; 71. Brittany Hamilton (P), 17:25; 78. Audrey Lambright (A), 18:09.

Archbold 7th Grade Volleyball

The Archbold seventh grade volleyball team defeated Swanton 19- 25, 25-20, 25-22, Tuesday, Sept. 11.

“This was an exciting night for the team, as we were able to get our first win,” said Coricia Meyer, coach. “As a team we moved our feet and communicated well on the court, which were keys to our victory.”

Points won on serves: Taylor Coressel 9, Rachel Brader 6, Mariah Short 4, Jenny Lehman 3, Kenzie Yoder 2, Amanda Lovejoy 2. Ellie Sonnenberg, Tressa Parsley, Hanna Allison, Maddie Short, Darian Oberlin, 1 each.

Napoleon St. Paul beat the Streaks 22-25, 25-23, 25-18, Wednesday, Sept. 12. “This was a disappointing loss, especially since we played so well the night before. Missed serves and poor serve receiving really hurt our team,” said Meyer.

Points won on serves: Yoder 7, Allison 5, Caroline Vonier 4, Coressel 3. Sonnenberg, Brader, Lehman, and Lovejoy, 2 each. Parsley, Tatum Smith, Mariah Short, 1 each.

The Streaks improved to 2-3 with a 25-23, 25-22 win over Patrick Henry, Thursday, Sept. 13. “I was proud of the girls for being able to bounce back from last night’s loss,” said Meyer. “We did a much better job getting our serves in and transitioning on and off the net.”

Points won on serves: Smith and Allison, 5 each. Coressel 4, Sonnenberg and Lovejoy, 2 each. Parsley, Vonier, Maddie Short, Brader, Lehman, Yoder, 1 each.

Archbold 8th Grade Volleyball

The Archbold eighth grade
volleyball team beat Swanton 15-25, 25-21, 25-18, Tuesday, Sept. 11. “After a
slow start, the girls began playing together, and the result shows in the game
scores,” said Dina Gladieux, coach.

Points won on serves: Morgan Cody and Erin Nafziger, 6 each. Chelsea Goebel, Tori Williams, and Laura Short, 4 each. Abby Short 3. Megan Gerig and Kayla Belknap, 1 each.

Gerig: 3 assists, 1 kill. Nafziger: 1 assist, 2 kills. Williams: 3 kills. L. Short: 1 assist, 1 kill. Katy Small: 1 kill.

The Streaks lost to Napoleon St. Paul 13-25, 25-19, 24-26, Wednesday, Sept. 12. “This was a tough loss due to a break in momentum,” said Gladieux. “The girls struggled getting warmed up.

Points won on serves: Gerig 14. Goebel and Williams, 6 each. Nafziger and Belknap, 2 each. L. Short and Cody, 1 each.

L. Short: 5 assists, 1 kill. Cody: 3 kills. A. Short: 1 kill. Gerig: 1 assist, “great day serving,” said Gladieux. Williams: 2 kills. Nafziger: 2 assists, 2 kills.

The Streaks improved to 3-2 with a 25-18, 25-18 win over Patrick Henry, Thursday, Sept. 13. “This game was won on good serving,” said Gladieux. “PH left a hole in the middle of the court for serve receive, so we served to the hole. Morgan Cody had an outstanding serving game!”

Points won on serves: Cody 12, Gerig 5, Williams 4,
Belknap 3, Goebel 2. Audrey Stuckey and Nafziger, 1 each.

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