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Archbold 8th Grade Volleyball

Archbold traveled to Wauseon, Thursday, Sept. 7, and won 25- 19, 25-22. Sophie Schramm had 4 kills; Reagan Kohler, Addison Ziegler, Harley Phillips and Kaitlyn Schnitkey each had 1. Emma Nafziger had 2 aces; Carsyn Hagans and Reagan Kohler, 1 each. Ziegler had 4 assists. Ziegler and Hagans had a double-block kill that was a momentum changer.

“You never know what to expect when you walk into a Wauseon gym,” said Dina Gladieux, coach. “The intensity level is always raised because of the rivalry between the two schools, so this win was a nice boost to the team morale.”

Archbold hosted the Junior High Streak Spiketacular, Saturday, Sept. 9. The Streaks opened with a 25- 11, 25-10 win over Pettisville. Aces: Ziegler 3; Schramm, Phillips, 1 each. Kills: Schramm, Hagans, Emma Nafziger, Hailey Wooley, 1 each. Assists: Ziegler 3.

Archbold’s second match was against Fassett Gold, which Archbold won 25-20, 25-18. “Prior to this start we had a team talk about ‘team,’” said Gladieux. “With 16 girls on the team we have to believe that all 16 have a part in each and every victory. It doesn’t matter if you are on the court or on the bench, each girl has a part in the success of the team.

“I was very proud of the entire team for the way they played this game. They truly won this match as a team.”

Assists: Ziegler, 2; Schramm, 1. Kills: Kohler, 2; Nafziger and Karli Luderman, 1 each.

Archbold played Fassett Green for the championship, which Fassett won 27-25, 25-10.

“The first game was probably one of the most intense games I have ever coached,” said Gladieux. “It was a constant battle. One team would battle to gain the serve, putting them up by one point, and then the other team would battle to get it back making the score tied. During this time the girls were blocking, digging tough attacks, attacking, and playing out of their minds. Down 24-23 with Fassett serving, we got a side-out, making it 24-all. We scored for a 25- 24 lead. At this point was one of the longest rallies, ending in Schnitkey twisting her ankle as she went up to attack. Volleyball is all about momentum and this was critical, and we lost the game and just were not able to recover.

Assists: Schramm, Ziegler, 2 each; Kohler, 1. Kills: Schnitkey, Schramm, 2 each; Kohler, Nafziger, Ziegler, Phillips, 1 each. Aces: Hagans, 1. Block kills: Hagans, Kohler, Luderman, 1 each.

Pettisville 7th Grade Volleyball

Pettisville (5-3, 2-2 BBC) def. Delta 25-18, 25-15, Monday, Sept. 11.

Pettisville 8th Grade Volleyball

Pettisville (5-4, 3-2 BBC) def. Delta 25-14, 25-16, Monday, Sept. 11.

Archbold & Pettisville Cross Country

Ottawa-Glandorf Invitational, Saturday, Sept. 16


Pettisville didn’t have enough runners for a team score. Defiance won with 41 points. 74. Zach McWatters 13:51; 149. Braxton Huner 15:32; 175. Josh Basselman 16:23.


Pettisville was 9th with 202 points. Coldwater won with 26.

14. Karsyn Hostetler 13:57; 26. Elise Hoylman 14:25; 75. Renee Hoylman 16:15; 82. Ella Hudspeath 16:31; 104. Kate Roth 17:44; 113. Emma Salmi 18:18.

Archbold & Pettisville Cross Country

Archbold Invitational, Saturday, Sept. 9


Archbold was 2nd with 114. Pettisville was 7th with 162 points. Napoleon won with 46.

1. Karley Ramirez (A) 13:27; 11. Elise Hoylman (P) 14:42; 12. Karsyn Hostetler (P) 14:42; 18. Leah McQuade (A) 15:00; 21. Emma Hall (A) 15:03; 35. Renee Hoylman (P) 15:55; 53. Natalie Seibert (A) 17:18; 54. Sydney Becher (A) 17:20; 74. Kate Roth (P) 18:02; 76. Ella Hudspeath (P) 18:07; 78. Emma Salmi (P) 18:11; 82. Meg Mello (A) 18:37; 96. Anissa Ramirez (A) 20:34; 111. Katie Rose (A) 26:53.


Archbold was 3rd with 78 points. Pettisville didn’t have enough runners for a team score. Defiance won with 23 points.

12. Brady Johns (A) 12:51; 14. Rhett Hudson (A) 12:58; 15. Landon Stamm (A) 13:00; 24. Marek Kreiner (A) 13:18; 25. Tyler Hurst (A) 13:21; 26. Aden McCarty (A) 13:21; 38. Gavin Bailey (A) 13:40; 47. Kaden Rufenacht (A) 13:54; 53. Alex Roth (A) 14:16; 59. Corbin Stamm (A) 14:28; 72. Zach McWatters (P) 15:03; 84. Ashton Kammeyer (A) 15:24; 89. Braxton Huner (P) 15:29; 107. Kenny Walker (A) 16:16; 108. Dane Riley (A) 16:21; 110. Josh Basselman (P) 16:32; 127. Logan Grime (A) 20:08; 129. Jackson Beck (A) 23:43.

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