Archbold, OH

Jr. High Sports Digest

Archbold & Pettisville Cross Country

Thursday, Aug. 29


Archbold 29, Pettisville 47, Bryan 74, Liberty Center 92

1. Conner Wyse (P) 12:17; 2. Luke McQuade (A) 12:26; 4. Eli Miller (A) 13:01; 5. Logan Rufenacht (P) 13:10; 6. Andrew Hogrefe (A) 13:40; 8. Lucas Yoder (A) 14:03; 9. Bryson Taylor (A) 14:06; 10. Connor Hagans (A) 14:07; 11. Jaret Rychener (P) 14:10; 12. Gavin Riegsecker (P) 14:14; 13. Tug Robison (A) 14:23; 15. Denver Beck (A) 14:34; 16. Rigo Ramos (A) 14:35; 17. Caleb Wooley (A) 14:37; 21. TJ Rice (A) 14:50; 18. Caleb Nolander (P) 15:00; 19. Evan Warner (P) 15:03; 26. Tony Stuckey (P) 15:19; 36. Eli Wyse (A) 17:26; 37. Kendall Lovejoy (A) 17:32.


Archbold 38, Pettisville 62, Liberty Center 57, Bryan 65

1. Elizabeth Sauder (P) 13:29; 2. Kamryn Hostetler (P) 13:44; 3. Dakota Stamm (A) 14:32; 5. Brooke Kohler (A) 15:26; 6. Gwynne Riley (A) 15:26; 8. Sarah Herring (P) 15:49; 9. Melayna Stuckey (A) 15:54; 15. Elizabeth Schmucker (A) 16:53; 24. Caitlin Flickinger (A) 18:03; 26. Marin Parsley (A) 18:15; 29. Rosalyn Flores (A) 18:37; 32. Kendi Nofziger (P) 20:20; 33. Gretchen Lee (P) 20:50; 27. Katie Hauter (P) 22:38; 36. Amadea Villanueva (A) 24:02; 37. Natalie Roth (A) 25:16.

Pettisville Soccer

Pettisville was on the road to Maumee Valley Country Day, Monday Aug. 26. Any questions about the Birds’ ability to score were answered early, as Detric Yoder scored off a pass from Landon Roth with 1:50 gone.

Yoder found the back of the net again one minute later, assisted by Conner Wyse.A goal by Wyse off a pass from Garrett Young rounded out the first-half scoring.

MVCD upped the intensity in the second half, scoring on a breakaway, and was close to tightening the score when it was awarded a penalty kick after a handball in the box.Dillon King stayed solid in his goalie position and calmly batted away the ensuing free kick.

Wyse and Yoder each scored again in the second half, as did Eli Greiser, who scored on a one-touch volley at the far post for a 6-1 victory.

The Birds traveled to Lake, Tuesday, Aug. 27.Seven minutes into the game Roth took a pass from Young and beat the keeper for the first goal. Roth connected later, assisted by Wyse, and the Birds went into halftime leading 2-0.Lake came out in the second half with several good scoring opportunities and closed the gap to 2-1.

Kamryn Hostetler helped the Birds regain the momentum with a deflection goal and the Blackbirds never looked back for a 9-1 victory.Other second-half goals were awarded to Yoder (2), Roth (2), Justin Rupp and Wyse.

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