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Jr. High Sports Digest

Pettisville 7th Grade Boys Basketball

Pettisville def. Fayette 31-25, Saturday, Dec. 15. Pettisville leading scorer: Dillon King 14.

Pettisville def. North Central 48- 17, Monday, Dec. 17. Pettisville leading scorers: Justin Rupp 10, King 8, Landon Roth 8.

Archbold def. Pettisville 60-28, Tuesday, Dec. 18. Pettisville leading scorer: King 13.

Hilltop def. Pettisville 35-28, Saturday,

Jan. 5. Pettisville leading scorer: Noah Rocha 9.

Pettisville def. Edon 40-14, Monday, Jan. 7. Pettisville leading scorer: Rocha 13.

Pettisville (7-4, 5-2 BBC) def. Evergreen 37-31, Tuesday, Jan. 8. Pettisville leading scorers: King 14, Rupp 12.

Arch 8th Grade Boys Basketball

Archbold won its third straight game last week to even its record at 5-5.

In a game that was close throughout, the Streaks pulled out a 40-37 win at Fairview, Tuesday, Jan. 8. Alex Short took advantage of a starting role and led the team with 12 points and six rebounds. Toby Walker and Jereme Rupp combined for 15 points. Walker and Austin Welch each came up with crucial steals toward the end of the game.

Only up by three points at the half, Archbold pulled away from Patrick Henry in the second half for a 42-28 win at PH, Thursday, Jan. 10. Ian Radabaugh, Rupp, and Short combined for 25 points to lead the scoring. Jonah Waidelich and Alex Cline provided some solid support off the bench to help secure the win.

Pettisville 8th Grade Boys Basketball

Pettisville (5-5, 3-3 BBC) def. Edon 55-41, Monday, Jan. 7. Pettisville leading scorers: Gabe Beck 15, Brayden Hernandez 13, Caleb Rychener 12, Levi Nofziger 11.

Pettisville 7th Grade Girls Basketball

Pettisville def. Edon 41-5, Monday, Jan. 7. Pettisville leading scorer: Kyra Behnfeldt 14.

St. Paul def. Pettisville (10-2, 7-0 BBC) 28-19, Tuesday, Jan. 8. Pettisville leading scorer: Kamryn Hostetler 8.

Archbold Wrestling

Archbold finished seventh Saturday, Jan. 5, in the 20-team Clyde Junior High Tournament.

Sandusky Perkins 315, Sandusky 205, Clyde 200, Mohawk 196, Tiffin Columbia, 158, Elmwood, 150, Archbold 127.5

Individual place finishers for Archbold:

First place: Gabe Petersen, 100 lbs.; Austin Wilson, 130 lbs.

Third: Sam Petersen, 112 lbs.

Fourth: Colton Soles, 94 lbs.; Elijah Alvarado, 112 lbs.

Fifth: Gavin Grime, 106 lbs.; Camden Warncke, 124 lbs.; Kyle Ott, 136 lbs.

Pettisville 8th Grade Girls Basketball

Pettisville def. Edon 29-11, Monday, Jan. 7. Pettisville leading scorer: Lynnsey Crouch 17.

St. Paul def. Pettisville 25-16, Tuesday, Jan. 8. Pettisville leading scorer: Alexa Leppelmeier 11.

Pettisville (8-5, 6-2 BBC) def. Stryker 28-15, Saturday, Jan. 12. Pettisville leading scorers: Tessa Waidelich 11, Leppelmeier 10.

Archbold 7th Grade Boys Basketball

Archbold defeated Fairview 59- 13, Tuesday, Jan. 8. Kaiden Bedsole and Bryce Williams combined for 22 points in the victory.

The Streaks traveled to Patrick Henry, Thursday, Jan. 10. Archbold jumped out early and coasted to a 61-9 victory. Bryson Taylor and Nic Rodriguez combined for 12 points.

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