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Jr. High Sports Digest

Archbold 7th Grade Football

The Streaks remain unbeaten at 6-0 with a 36-8 win over Patrick Henry, Thursday, Oct. 11.

Archbold scored on its first possession as Bryce Williams connected with Gabe Petersen on a 58-yard touchdown pass.

The Streak defense forced a punt, and the offense took over again as a 42-yard drive was capped off by a 22-yard touchdown screen pass from Williams to Sam Petersen. Nic Rodriguez ran in the two-point conversion.

The next score saw offensive coordinator Mike Kennedy pull out the bag of tricks as Ryan Trevino ran in a 47-yard option reverse.

Good blocking by Brandon Miller, Ben Zimmerman, Logan Roth, Anthony Gonzalez, and Cash Gericke sprung the score.

The next score came as S. Petersen returned a punt 62 yards.

The point after try was successful as S. Peterson ran in a pitch from Williams.

The final score came as Williams connected with Trevino on a 26-yard pass. Rodriguez ran in the PAT, giving the Streaks their final tally of 38 points.

Defensively, Gericke recovered the only Patriot turnover.

Also turning in good defensive performances were Colton Soles, Brian Ball, Andrew Beck, Trevor Short, Connor Hagens, Bodie Miller, Shane Bechtel, Gavin Grime, and Trevan Kindinger.

Pettisville Cross Country

BBC Jamboree, Tuesday, Oct. 2


Pettisville 18, Fayette 71, Hilltop 76, Stryker 89, North Central 92, Edon 102

1. Alexa Leppelmeier 11:55; 2. Elizabeth Sauder 12:08; 4. Kamryn Hostetler 12:52; 5. Nichole Foor 13:05; 6. Sarah Herring 13:05; 7. Krystine Davis 13:46; 18. Kendi Nofziger 17:32; 19. Katie Hauter 18:26.


Fayette 30, Pettisville 51, North Central 51, Stryker 119, Edon 121, Hilltop 138

1. Aaron Bontrager 10:59; 12. Jaret Rychener 12:30; 13. Gavin Riegsecker 12:31; 19. Noah Rocha 13:18; 27. Deven Girdham 14:06; 29. Seth Brakefield 14:11; 40. Evan Warner 15:10.

Pettisville Cross Country

BBC Jamboree, Thursday, Oct. 11


Pettisville 18, Fayette 72, Hilltop 77, Stryker 90, Edon 97, North Central 99

1. Alexa Leppelmeier 12:19; 2. Elizabeth Sauder 12:20; 4. Kamryn Hostetler 13:10; 5. Nichole Foor 13:20; 6. Sarah Herring 13:37; 9. Krystine Davis 14:12; 19. Gretchen Lee 18:07; 20. Kendi Nofziger 18:18; 22. Katie Hauter 18:45.

Pettisville won the BBC title, winning all 3 Jamborees. Alexa Leppelmier was named BBC MVP; joining her in being named First Team All-BBC were Elizabeth Sauder, Kamryn Hostetler, Nicole Foor, and Sarah Herring.

Fayette finished second, and Hilltop was third.


Fayette 25, Pettisville 47, North Central 60, Stryker 122, Edon 125, Hilltop 142

1. Aaron Bontrager 11:07; 10. Jaret Rychener 12:41; 11. Gavin Riegsecker 12:44; 16. Noah Rocha 13:09; 21. Deven Girdham 13:36; 30. Seth Brakefield 14:01; 44. Evan Warner 15:23.

Fayette won the BBC title, while Pettisville was second and North Central was third.

Aaron Bontrager was named BBC MVP.

Archbold Cross Country

Northwest Ohio Athletic League meet, Monday, Oct. 8


Liberty Center 35, Wauseon 49, Bryan 55, Archbold 77

7. Emily Roth 13:21; 14. Brooke Kohler 13:56; 16. Melayna Stuckey 13:59; 18. Maura Riley 14:27; 25. Sydney Cobb 15:38; 26. Caitlin Flickinger 15:51; 30. Rosalyn Flores 16:15; 36. Isabel Krieger 18:16.


Bryan 26, Archbold 29

1. Logan Garrow 11:06; 5. Michael Short 12:30; 7. Eli Miller 12:31; 15. Lucas Yoder 13:01; 16. Adam Kinsman 13:05; 20. Gabe Petersen 13:27; 21. Denver Beck 13:31; 24. Gavin Grime 13:47; 26. Lucas Rupp 13:54; 30. Ryan Gallup 15:12; 36. Kendall Lovejoy 17:02; 37. Eli Wyse 17:11.

Pettisville Soccer

The Blackbirds defeated Lake 2-1, Saturday, Oct. 6. In the first game of the season the Flyers won 3-1.

Midway through the first period, following a give-and-go series of passes, Landon Roth found Caleb Rychener open through the middle. Rychener placed a nice shot into the right upper 90 for a 1-0 lead.

Early in the final period, a Lake forward broke free on the right wing and knotted the score at 1. The Blackbirds continued to work hard at both ends of the field. Their work was rewarded when Rychener and Roth connected again on a corner kick, which Rychener directed past the keeper for 2-1 lead.

Justin Rupp, Sami Tilley and Austin Schmucker played solid in the halfback position, while Jake Myers and Tessa Waidelich provided much needed spark up front.

The Birds completed a successful season with a 2-0 win over Maumee Valley Country Day, Monday, Oct. 8. Held scoreless in the first period, Pettisville finished strong, scoring twice in the final 15 minutes. The first goal came off a crossing pass from Waidelich to Rychener, whose shot rolled just to the right of the diving keeper.

About five minutes later, Roth received the ball at the top of the 18 and flicked a pass forward to Levi Nofziger, who buried the shot for the 2-0 victory.

The defense, led by Nate Hartzler in goal and Gabe Beck at stopper, with a support of James Eicher, Caitlin Beck, Dillon King, John Rufenacht, Pearl Bloomer and Riley Terry, stayed strong to ensure the second shutout of the season. The Blackbirds finish with a 6-4-2 record.

Archbold 7th Grade Volleyball

Archbold def. Pettisville 25-21, 26-28, 25-17. Points won on serves: Taylor Miller 5, Brooke Aeschliman 11, Guilia Lee 1, Macey Rupp 9, Corie Riley 1, Leslie Simon 3, Hannah Grieser 2, Sydney Rupp 11.

Archbold def. Delta 25-18, 26- 24, Tuesday, Oct. 2. Points won on serves: Miller 2, Aeschliman 8, Rupp 8, Riley 1, Simon 1, Grieser 3, Rupp 5.

Archbold def. Bryan 25-17, 25-13, Thursday, Oct. 4. Points won on serves: Aeschliman 2, Lee 2, Rupp 4, Riley 1, Simon 15, Bri Short 2, Rupp 3.

Archbold 8th Grade Volleyball

Archbold def. Stryker 25-9, 25-11, Monday, Oct. 8.

“This was mainly a serving game for the girls,” said Dina Gladieux, coach. Aces: Alyssa Ziegler, Jillian Schweitzer, Morgan Miller. Block kill: Miller. Spike kills: Miller, Schweitzer, Peyton Dickman.

Defiance def. Archbold 16-25, 26- 24, 28-26, Tuesday, Oct. 9. The girls played one of the best matches I’ve seen from a group of eighth graders, ever,” said Gladieux. “This match was packed full of excitement. There were blocks, digs, hard serves and, of course, hard hits (from both teams). This was a hard-fought match and was very fun to watch.

“Amazing digs came from Sydney Baynes, Malinda Lugbill and Savannah Short.”

Assists: Miller 10, Alyssa Ziegler 7, Dickman 1. Kills: Miller, Schweitzer, Dickman, 4 each; Ziegler 3; Lugbill, Delanie Driver, 1 each.

“Due to the quality of play by both teams, there were not a lot of ace serves,” said Gladieux. “However, we did have one and that was by Delanie Driver.”

Tournament: Archbold def. Montpelier 25-7, 25-13, Saturday, Oct. 13. “This match, again, was primarily a serving match, so we had a number of ace serves,” said Gladieux. Aces: Schweitzer 2; Ziegler, Hannah Froelich, Dickman, 1 each.

Archbold 7th Grade Volleyball

Archbold def. Stryker 25-9, 25- 15, Monday, Oct. 8. Points won on serves: Sydney Rupp 5, Macey Rupp 5, Brooke Aeschliman 9, Hannah Grieser 3, Lauren Miller 3.

Defiance def. Archbold 25-14, 25- 10, Tuesday, Oct. 9. Points won on serves: S. Rupp 7, Leslie Simon 3.

Tournament: Wauseon def. Archbold (10-9) 25-11, 15-25, 25- 7, Saturday, Oct. 13. Points wn on serves: S. Rupp 8, Macey Rupp 3, Simon 4, Giulia Lee 4, Taylor Miller 3, Aeschliman 1.

Pettisville 8th Grade Volleyball

Pettisville def. Stryker 27-25, 25- 10, Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Pettisville (10-5, 7-3 BBC) def. Edon 25-20, 17-25, 25-15, Thursday, Oct. 11.

Pettisville 7th Grade Volleyball

Pettisville def. Stryker 25-20, 25- 19, Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Pettisville (8-7, 7-3 BBC) def. Edon 25-22, 25-9.

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