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Archbold 7th Grade

Archbold (5-2-1) finished its season with a 24-6 victory at Wauseon, Tuesday, Oct. 19.

The Streaks started the game with a 65-yard touchdown drive that was capped by a 34-yard quarterback run from Derek Walker. The play was set up by a block by Mitchell Hogrefe. Other blocks on that side of the line were by Mike Weigand, Seth Mayer, Garrett Grime, Tony Quintanilla, and Derek Humbert. The two-point conversion was successful as Walker connected with Benny Gomez on a pass.

The next score came at the hands of Gomez as he scampered 23 yards to score. Strong blocking came from Will Collins, Lukas Rufenacht, Oran Humbert, and Jacob Rodriguez. The two-point conversion was good as Walker connected with Gomez, giving the Streaks a 16-0 advantage.

The second half opened with the Streaks on defense. That didn’t last long as Quintanilla knifed through the line to cause a fumble and recover it, as well. Archbold took advantage of the turnover as Isaac Petersen ran in a jet sweep from 27 yards out. The two-point conversion was good as Walker ran in a quarterback trap.

Playing well defensively were Dalton Loveless, Elijah Robison, Derrick Davis, Aaron Short, Angel Luna, Graeme Short, Logan Liparado, Collin King, and Lathon Babcock.

Playing well offensively were Zach Dionne, DJ Schroeder, Connor Ginn, Matt Benecke, Lukas Rodriguez, Ben Bucklew, and Zeke Hernandez.

Also on the team was defensive back/wide receiver Alex Weaver, who was injured early in the season.

“We saw a great deal of improvement throughout the year,” said Mike Kennedy, coach. “This team faced many challenges and rose to the occasion just about every time. With continued hard work, good things will come to this group.” Archbold 8th Grade

Archbold entertained Wauseon at Spengler Field, Tuesday, Sept. 19. The Streaks battled the undefeated Indians to the end, but came up short 14-8.

The Indians started on offense and moved the ball to the 20-yard line where they faced a fourth-and-one. A huge surge up front from Jeff Sparks, Isreal Perez, Jesse Rocha, and Logan Baynes stopped the Indians short.

Archbold (4-4) took over. Brandon Goering ran right following a block of Aaron Zimmerman and raced 80 yards for a quick score. Goering threw to Levi Wyse for the two-point conversion and an 8-0 lead.

After exchanging punts, Wauseon took over on its 33-yard line. Wauseon used its physical offensive line to move the ball into scoring position. Just when the Streaks had the ball carrier stopped, he came from the pile and ran for the touchdown. The score stood at 8-6 at the break.

Archbold started the second half on offense. A fumbled snap put it in a long yardage situation. Goering connected with Wyse on a screen pass, but after running for the first down and more, Wyse was stripped of the ball and Wauseon took over.

Wauseon started a drive, but again the Streak defense prevailed on a fourth-down play. Archbold’s next drive stalled and the ball was punted. Goering came up with a fumble recovery on the next series, but again the Indian defense stymied the Streaks. The Indians scored and a two-point conversion gave them a 14-8 lead.

Following a Wyse interception, the Streaks had one more shot at a win, but could not get past the stingy Indian defense. After turning the ball over, Archbold wasn’t able to stop Wauseon. The visitors ran out the clock and preserved the 14-8 win.

“The offense and defense we have can be confusing and difficult at times to understand and experience success,” said Ryan Holdgreve, Archbold coach. “It does, however, placate future problems for them when they get to the high school level.

“A prime example would be this year’s varsity team. They struggled when they were in seventh and eighth grade, but have brought everything to fruition.” Archbold 8th Grade

Northwest Ohio Athletic League tournament, Saturday, Oct. 16, at Bryan

Archbold def. Patrick Henry 25- 17, 25-18. Points won on serves: Winter Fricke 3, Madi Campbell 2, Cayla Walker 3, Hannah Kern 7, Erin Erbskorn 1, Cassidy Williams 7, Megan Miller 1, Hannah Yoder 2.

Archbold def. Wauseon 20-25, 25- 15, 25-14. Points won on serves: Meridith Short 2, Fricke 6, Walker 1, Kern 2, Erbskorn 1, Williams 6, Miller 5, Yoder 1, Peyton Driver 1, Alexa Coressel 12, Hesterman 3. “We had a slow start, just like against PH, but near the end of game one we finally pulled it together and played AMS style,” said Dina Gladieux, coach. “Wauseon has really improved and was doing a good job hitting and blocking. This took some time to adjust to.

“All of the girls played well, but I was impressed with Alexa and how she played under control the entire day. Consistency is key, and she did that perfectly.”

Archbold (19-2) def. Evergreen 20-25, 25-22, 25-18. The Streaks won the tournament for the second straight year. Points won on serves: Fricke 4, Campbell 3, Walker 1, Kern 3, Williams 2, Katie Wyse 6, Miller 3, Natalie Rupp 1, Coressel 14.

“Wow! In games one and two we were down and had to play catch-up,” said Gladieux. “In game one Katie Wyse stepped up and served under great pressure. We may not have won game one, but Katie’s serving got the girls fired up.

“In game two, Alexa served to pull us back into the game, and then Madi finished the game out serving. Natalie Rupp had numerous kills set up by Cassidy Williams. Cayla Walker, Hannah Hesterman, Kennedy Wyse, Hannah Kern, and Winter Fricke also had a lot of hard attacks.

“We were able to run the offense thanks to great passes and digs from Hannah Yoder, Meridith Short, Erin Erbskorn, Peyton Driver, and Megan Miller.

“These 15 girls worked very hard and of all my years coaching they understand the meaning of ‘team.’ I am anxious to see what they do in high school.”

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