Archbold, OH


Pettisville 8th Grade

Pettisville (12-2, 10-0 BBC) def. Edon 25-17, 25-17, Thursday, Oct. 14.

Tournament at Hilltop, Friday, Oct. 15: Pettisville def. Stryker 25- 21, 25-7; Pettisville def. Edon 25-18, 25-16.

Archbold Cross Country

Northwest Ohio Athletic League Meet, Monday, Oct. 11


Bryan 37, Archbold 48, Liberty Center 70, Wauseon 75

4. Jesse Rocha 12:17; 7. Matthew Kinsman, 12:30; 10. Jorge Arce, 12:56; 15. Jesse Felix, 13:59; 18. Justin Coffey, 14:04; 19. Eddie Reyes, 14:07; 29. Elijah Miller, 14:53; 32. Sid Ramirez, 15:06.


Wauseon 37, Liberty Center 43, Archbold 76, Montpelier 100, Bryan 108, Swanton 133

8. Mara Beck, 14:29; 9. Demetria Martinez, 14:40; 16. Jessica Lindsay, 15:29; 19. Maddy Roth, 15:46; 26. Lauren Stuckey, 16:39; 28. Machaela Zaborniak, 16:52; 36. Bekah Eggers, 18:02. Archbold 7th Grade

Archbold def. Stryker 25-21, 25- 17, Monday, Oct. 11. Points won on serves: Brooke Hines 1, Becca Schmucker 1, Neila Kinsman 2, Sierra Lester 1, Anna Schoenhals 3, Maddy Smith 4, Madison Kohler 3, Cassi Wyse 8, Allie McQuade 5. “We had nine different players earning points on serving tonight, and that is a great improvement from earlier this season,” said Cindy Clark, Archbold coach.

“During the first game, Becca Schmucker had great focus after a time-out, finishing the game with an ace serve. Sierra Lester also did a fantastic job serving on game point in the second game.”

Archbold def. Defiance 27-25, 18- 25, 25-23, Tuesday, Oct. 12. Points won on serves: Hines 7, Elli Rupp 1, Kinsman 2, Smith 12, Kohler 4, Wyse 4, McQuade 8. “The girls battled tonight in three games, and we had some good rallies,” said Clark. “Maddy Smith had an excellent attack during game one. Ellie Rupp and Neila Kinsman also stepped up as servers tonight.”

Archbold (11-7) def. Tinora 20- 25, 26-24, 25-17, Thursday, Oct. 14. Points won on serves: Schoenhals 9, Smith 8, Kohler 8, Wyse 9, McQuade 3. “It took us longer than we’d like to really get into the game tonight, but once Anna Schoenhals started her serving spree at the end of game two, the girls really pulled together and used the momentum to our advantage,” said Clark.

“Cassi Wyse, Maddy Smith, and Madison Kohler do a nice job of hustling on the court and giving us reliable passes to run our offense as well. They all gained some experience playing under a little more pressure tonight, and that’s good for us as we head into our league tourney.”

Cross Country

Antwerp Invitational, Monday, Oct. 9


Ayersville 35, Archbold 54, Fairview 104, Hicksville 109, Edgerton 109, Kalida 129, Tinora 162. No team scores for Antwerp,
Ottoville, Parkway, Patrick Henry

3. Jesse Rocha 12:20; 7. Matthew Kinsman, 12:23; 11. Jorge Arce, 12:54; 16. Jesse Felix, 13:36; 17. Elijah Miller, 13:36; 27. Sid Ramirez, 14:07.


Tinora 35, Fairview 49, Antwerp 72, Archbold 73. No team scores for
Edgerton, Hicksville, Kalida, Liberty
Center, Ottoville, Parkway, Patrick

13. Demetria Martinez, 14:09; 14. Mara Beck, 14:15; 23. Jessica Lindsay, 15:20; 28. Maddy Roth, 15:51; 33. Machaela Zaborniak, 16:41; 41. Bekah Eggers, 18:18.

Pettisville 7th Grade

Pettisville (13-1, 10-0 BBC) def. Edon 25-20, 25-16, Thursday, Oct. 14. Archbold 7th Grade

The Streaks played their last home game of the year against visiting Patrick Henry, Thursday, Oct. 14, and upped their record to 4-2-1 with a 36-8 victory.

Archbold had the first possession, and after a few short gains, quarterback Derek Walker threw a post pattern to Benny Gomez. Gomez split two defenders and raced for a 53-yard score. The pointafter touchdown was no good, and Archbold led 6-0.

The Archbold defense stopped the Patriots on their first two running plays. Facing a third-and-long, a PH pass was intercepted by Isaac Peterson at midfield. A strong rush from Oran Humbert and Mitchell Hogrefe led to the hurried throw.

With great field position, Archbold wasted little time reaching the end zone. Quarterback Elijah Robison lofted a pass down the middle of the field. Gomez out-leaped the defender and scored from 38 yards out. Walker added two points on the PAT for a 14-0 lead.

Archbold continued to make big plays as Walker got tremendous blocking to score on runs of 60 and 51 yards. Contributing to the blocking were Derek Humbert, Lukas Rodriguez, Matt Benecke, and Tony Quintanilla.

The Streaks’ fifth and final TD came by way of a screen pass. Robinson looked deep left and threw a screen pass right to Gomez. Jacob Rodriguez provided a huge block and Gomez did the rest for a 62-yard score.

All three defenses executed the defensive scheme of Dave Walker, coach, and held the Patriots to one score and eight points. Besides Peterson’s interception, Robinson picked off an errant pass and Connor Ginn recovered a fumble. Other players contributing to the defensive effort were Ben Bucklew, Zach Dionne, Garret Grime, Collin King, Dalton Loveless, Angel Luna, Graeme Short, and Michael Weigand. Archbold 8th Grade

Archbold def. Stryker 25-8, 25- 4, Monday, Oct. 11. Points won on serves: Winter Fricke 8, Cayla Walker 8, Hannah Kern 9, Kennedy Wyse 2, Cassidy Williams 1, Megan Miller 8, Natalie Rupp 2, Alexa Coressel 2.

“In this match, Cassidy Williams and Hannah Kern each had a kill,” said Dina Gladieux. “Cayla Walker and Kennedy Wyse had assists. Megan Miller led the ace serve category with four. Winter Fricke and Hannah Kern each had two; Natalie Rupp and Cayla each had one.”

Archbold def. Defiance 25-18, 25- 22, Tuesday, Oct. 12. Points won on serves: Meridith Short 1, Fricke 4, Walker 5, Kern 4, Williams 2, Miller 3, Rupp 1, Peyton Driver 3, Coressel 1, Hannah Hesterman 3. “Defiance had some big hitters, which gave us the opportunity to work on our defense,” said Gladieux. “Alexa Coressel and Hannah Yoder had great digs and back row passes. Natalie Rupp had two kills; Cassidy Williams, Hannah Hesterman, and Cayla Walker each had one. Assists were given by Hannah Kern, Winter Fricke, and Cayla Walker.”

Archbold (16-2) def. Tinora 10- 25, 25-10, 25-21, Friday, Oct. 15. Points won on serves: Fricke 4, Walker 16, Kern 3, Miller 1, Rupp 2, Hesterman 2. “Wow! What a battle,” said Gladieux. “Game three was enjoyable to watch; both teams were playing well. Cayla Walker had an outstanding game. She scored 11 points in a row, three of which were aces. She also had three assists and a kill.

“Hannah Kern had an outstanding attacking game. She led the team with four kills and also had an ace serve. Winter Fricke, Cassidy Williams, and Alexa Coressel each had a kill. Winter also had three assists, and Natalie Rupp had an ace serve. I was pleased with the back row passing by Meridith Short and Hannah Yoder.” Archbold 8th Grade

Delta visited Spengler Field, Thursday, Oct. 7, and was sent home on the losing end of a 22-16 football game.

Archbold took the opening possession on its own 35-yard line. Brandon Goering went off the blocks of Aaron Zimmerman and Justin Lovejoy and sprinted to the end zone for a 6-0 lead on the first play of the game. The extra point attempt was no good.

The Panthers stormed right back and marched down the field for a touchdown and a two-point conversion to take an 8-6 lead.

Just before halftime the Streaks put together a scoring drive with a mix of passes and runs, and Levi Wyse eventually went over the goal line from 3 yards out. Goering ran in the extra points and gave Archbold a 14-8 halftime lead.

Delta opened the second half with a textbook drive that was 17 plays long and consumed the entire third quarter. The drive resulted in a touchdown on the second play of the fourth quarter, and the two extra points gave the visitors a 16- 14 lead.

Neither team was able to move the ball until late in the fourth quarter when Delta started a drive. The Streaks played strong defense against the Panthers’ running game. Isreal Perez, Skyler Gericke, Wyse, and Goering stood the test and turned back the Panthers with 1:54 left.

Needing to go 74 yards to win the game, the Streaks went on an air and ground attack. Goering ran for a first down, Wyse received a pass for 8 yards, and Logan Baynes caught a pass for a first down near the 50-yard line. Goering looked again to Wyse on a swing pass, and after dodging a couple of defenders, Wyse was off and running for the score. Wyse ran the extra points in with the help of a great block by Zach Meyer on the corner, and Archbold led 22-16.

Delta’s final attempt with 50 seconds remaining ended as Jesse Rocha made the final tackle of the game on the quarterback as time expired.

It is the third straight win for the

Streaks as they raised their record

to 3-3.

Cross Country

BBC Jamboree, Thursday, Oct. 14


Fayette 22, Pettisville 77, Edon 82, Stryker 88, North Central 94, Hilltop 123

2. Kyle Lantz, 12:20 (named First
Team All-BBC);
10. Jacob Hauter, 13:22; 14. Nathan Siller, 13:30; 42. Mitchell Krauss, 16:30; 49. Evan Rufenacht, 19:29; 52. Logan Garcia, 20:41.


Fayette 50, Stryker 52, Pettisville 55, North Central 92, Edon 111, Hilltop 115

3. Mikala Avina, 14:18; 6. Grace Friend, 15:09 (named First Team
13. Becky Tilley, 15:57; 16. Hannah Herring, 16:18; 17. Josephine Bloomer, 16:24; 21. Jaelyn Rufenacht, 17:21.

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