Archbold, OH


Pettisville 7th Grade

Evergreen def. Pettisville 25-5, 25-18, Monday, Sept. 13.

Pettisville def. Stryker 25-1, 25- 12, Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Pettisville (3-1, 3-0 BBC) def. Fayette 25-4, 25-27, Thursday, Sept. 16. Pettisville 8th Grade

Evergreen def. Pettisville 25-22, 25-18, Monday, Sept. 13.

Pettisville def. Stryker 25-8, 25-8, Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Pettisville (3-1, 3-0 BBC) def. Fayette 24-26, 25-16, 26-24.

Cross Country
Ottawa-Glandorf Blue/Gold Invitational, Saturday, Sept. 18


Van Wert 44, Ayersville 87, Lincolnview 154, Lima Central Catholic 175, St. Marys Memorial 199, Kalida 215, St. Paul Lutheran 229, Ottawa-Glandorf 250, Pettisville 257, Stryker 269, Fairview 270, Wauseon 303, Hicksville 310, Allen East 311, Elida 326, Swanton 343, Tinora 375

16. Kyle Lantz, 12:21.18; 28. Nathan Siller, 12:43.35; 34. Jacob Hauter, 12:55.95; 134. Mitchell Krauss, 16:28.39; 156. Evan Rufenacht, 18:59.14; 166. Logan Garcia, 23:17.41.


Tinora 89, Wauseon 89, Napoleon 117, Van Wert 121, Fairview 138, St. Henry 142, St. Marys Memorial 187, Lima Central Catholic 216, Ottawa- Glandorf 216, Montpelier 238, Pettisville 244, Elida 279, Swanton 325, Stryker 330, Waynesfield- Goshen 382

17. Mikala Avina, 13:48.00; 55. Josephine Bloomer, 15:16.37; 76. Becky Tilley, 16:01.67; 78. Hannah Herring, 16:06.93; 92. Grace Friend, 16:43.49; 101. Jaelyn Rufenacht, 17:13.42. Archbold 7th Grade

On a windy and at times, rainy, afternoon, the Streaks traveled to Evergreen, Thursday, Sept. 16 with a 1-1 record. Archbold won the toss and elected to begin on offense. Mixing the run and pass, the Streaks moved the chains. Then came the big play.

Quarterback Derek Walker hit Benny Gomez over the middle and Gomez found the end zone 39 yards later. The same combination hooked up again for the successful two-point conversion and an 8-0 lead.

Over the next three quarters, the game turned into a defensive-andfield position contest. Archbold’s defense controlled the line of scrimmage and record its first shutout of the year 8-0. The Blue and Gold (2-1) caused two turnovers as Seth Mayer recovered a fumble and Gomez intercepted a pass. Other nice defensive plays were turned in by Logan Liparoto, Elijah Robison, Derek Humbert, and Garret Grime.

Archbold Cross Country

Tri-meet with Napoleon and St. Paul, Tuesday, Sept. 14


Archbold 31, Napoleon 45, St. Paul 48

2. Matthew Kinsman, 13:23; 4. Jorge Arce, 14:05; 5. Justin Coffey, 14:07; 7. Eddie Reyes, 14:26; 13. Jesse Felix, 15:15; 14. Elijah Miller, 15:15; 15. Sid Ramirez, 15:18.


Napoleon 19, Archbold 36

4. Mara Beck, 15:38; 7. Demetria Martinez, 16:15; 10. Machaela Zaborniak, 17:43; 11. Maddy Roth, 17:44; 12. Lauren Stuckey, 18:16; 15. Jessica Lindsay, 19:56; 16. Bekah Eggers, 20:05.

Pettisville Soccer

After scoring one goal in each of the first two games, Pettisville scorched the nets for 9 goals in a shutout win over Trinity Lutheran, Monday, Sept. 13. Goals were scored by Tate Kauffman (2), Josh Liechty (2), Jordan Bontrager, Jacob Waidelich, Kyle Lantz, Evan King and Stuart Yoder.

Assists were issued to Bontrager (2), Waidelich, Liechty, Lantz, Eli King, and Hannah Meller.

Rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the Birds, Thursday, Sept. 16; in fact, they put together their best game of the season against Lenawee Christian. Playing a majority of the game in a steady downpour, the Blackbirds passed and defended their way to a 5-0 victory.

The shutout was in doubt when a penalty kick was awarded to Lenawee in the 56th minute; however, goalie Levi Deffely settled himself in the mud and calmly dove to his left, making an amazing save. First-half goals were scored by Liechty and Waidelich; second-half tallies came from Liechty, Kauffman and Lantz.

Assists were issued to Liechty, Bontrager (2) and Kauffman.

Archbold 7th Grade

Swanton def. Archbold 26-24, 25-22, Tuesday, Sept. 14. Points won on serves: Brooke Hines 11, Anna Schoenhals 1, Maddy Smith 3, Madison Kohler 1, Cassi Wyse 1, Allie McQuade 2.

“The girls battled in both games, and I’m proud of them for being determined to hang right in there with Swanton,” said Cindy Clark, Archbold coach. “We are striving to improve with each game, and are aiming for more consistency in our serving and passing.

“Anna Schoenhals has shown tremendous growth in her confidence as a player, and it shows when she passes or steps up to the serving line. Although winning is a desirable outcome, we will learn and use these experiences to make us better.”

Patrick Henry def. Archbold (1- 3) 25-21, 16-25, 25-16, Thursday, Sept. 16. Points won on serves: Neila Kinsman 6, Schoenhals 6, Smith 5, Kohler 3, Wyse 2, McQuade 9.

“I was really pleased to see the team implementing some of the skills we’ve been really focusing on at practices,” said Clark. “Neila Kinsman did an outstanding job behind the serving line, and Becca Schmucker made great efforts adjusting to her role as a setter tonight.”

Archbold 8th Grade

Archbold def. Wauseon 25-23, 25- 22, Thursday, Sept. 9. Points won on serves: Winter Fricke 5, Madi Campbell 4, Cayla Walker 1, Hannah Kern 3, Erin Erbskorn 5, Natalie Rupp 1, Alexa Coressel 7.

Glass City Liberty Challenge
Saturday, Sept. 11

McCord def. Archbold 17-25, 25- 20, 25-21. Points won on serves: Meridith Short 1, Fricke 11, Campbell 1, Walker 2, Kern 5, Erbskorn 1, Cassidy Williams 2, Megan Miller 2, Rupp 3, Hannah Yoder 3, Peyton Driver 1.

Archbold def. Regina Coeli 25-20, 15-25, 25-16. Points won on serves: Fricke 4, Campbell 1, Walker 2, Kern 4, Erbskorn 1, Williams 10, Miller 4, Rupp 5, Yoder 1, Driver 3.

Archbold def. Bowling Green 21-25, 25-19, 25-14. Points won on serves: Fricke 4, Campbell 1, Walker 1, Kern 8, Erbskorn 1, Williams 1, Rupp 11, Yoder 3, Driver 9, Alexa Coressel 2, Hannah Hesterman 2.

“This was a long day,” said Dina Gladieux, AHS coach. “The girls played three matches and all three went to three games. I was thrilled to see each player have a shining moment at some point while playing.

“From the charts you see Fricke, Rupp, Driver, Kern, and Williams did well serving. Short and Yoder did a nice job passing. Miller, Walker, and Campbell did a great job of staying calm and consistent.

“I was very proud of the girls and how aggressive they played. We have a lot to work on, but that is what the season is for– to prepare us for the tourney at the end.

Archbold def. Swanton 25-19, 22- 25, 25-22, Tuesday, Sept. 14. Points won on serves: Fricke 2, Campbell 1, Walker 1, Kern 4, Erbskorn 1, Williams 2, Miller 2, Rupp 7, Yoder 2, Coressel 10.

“Alexa Coressel stepped up in game 2, scoring 10 points serving,” said Gladieux. “Cassidy Williams has been working hard on her timing for spiking, and it paid off. She had some great spikes set up by Winter Fricke.”

Archbold def. Patrick Henry 25-9, 25-15, Thursday, Sept. 16. Points won on serves: Fricke 4, Walker 3, Kern 9, Williams 6, Katie Wyse 6, Miller 2, Driver 1, Coressel 3, Hesterman 1.

“This was a confidence-building match,” said Gladieux. “Kennedy Wyse had a few great hits and Katie Wyse served very well in game 2. Hannah Kern started game 1 serving, and on the second time through the rotation she did very well with consistency, serving nine in a row to finish the game.

“I’m impressed with how hard the girls work during practice, and it shows during the matches.”

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