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Archbold 8th Grade

Archbold def. Fairview 25-9, 26- 24, Thursday, Sept. 2. Points won on serves: Winter Fricke 13, Hannah Kern 1, Erin Erbskorn 5, Megan Miller 9, Natalie Rupp 3, Hannah Yoder 3.

“The girls battled through their first match jitters to come back from an 18-10 deficit to win the second game 26-24,” said Dina Gladieux, Archbold coach. “Megan Miller did a great job serving in the second game to bring the team to within one point.

“Hannah Yoder entered the game to serve with the score tied at 24. She served with confidence and finished out the game. Alexa Coressel and Natalie Rupp did a nice job attacking the ball. It was nice to get the first game under our belt.” Archbold & Pettisville
Cross Country
Thursday, Sept. 2


Bryan 25, Pettisville 24, Stryker 22, Archbold 71

3. Kyle Lantz (P), 13 minutes, 10 seconds; 4. Matthew Kinsman (A), 13:11; 7. Jacob Hauter (P), 13:53; 11. Nathan Siller (P), 14:47; 13. Jorge Arce (A), 15:04; 17. Jesse Felix (A), 15:41; 22. Sid Ramirez (A), 16:29; 23. Elijah Miller (A), 16:45; 25. Mitchell Krauss (P), 18:00; 23. Evan Rufenacht (P), 21:34; 24. Logan Garcia (P), 25:20.


Bryan 37, Stryker 44, Archbold 45, Pettisville no team score

2. Jo Bloomer (P), 16:24; 5. Mara Beck (A), 16:42; 7. Demetria Martinez (A), 16:55; 9. Becky Tilley (P), 17:08; 10. Grace Friend (P), 17:32; 13. Jessica Lindsay (A), 18:33; 14. Maddy Roth (A), 18:41; 17. Lauren Stuckey (A), 18:51; 18. Bekah Eggers (A), 19:09; 20. Jaelyn Rufenacht (P), 21:00.

Archbold 7th Grade

The Archbold seventh grade football team opened its season with a 24-14 victory over Bryan, Thursday, Sept. 2. The Blue Streaks began their scoring with a pass from Derek Walker to Benny Gomez from 32 yards out. The point-after-touchdown try was successful as Gomez ran the ball in on a sweep.

The second touchdown came again at the hands of Gomez, as he ran around left end from 44 yards out. The PAT was successful as Walker connected on a pass with Garrett Grime.

Walker hooked up with Gomez one more time from 56 yards out for the final score. Gomez was sprung free on a block by Seth Mayer on two would-be tacklers. Walker passed the ball to Gomez for the successful PAT.

Defensive standouts were Oran Humbert with a blocked punt, Lathon Babcock and Tony Quintanilla with quarterback sacks, and AJ Short with a pass break-up. Humbert and Quintanilla each had a fumble recovery.

The Blue Streaks’ next game is at Napoleon, Thursday, Sept. 9. Archbold & Pettisville
Cross Country
Tuesday, Aug. 31


Liberty Center 24, Pettisville 33, Archbold & Evergreen no team

2. Kyle Lantz (P), 13 minutes, 11 seconds; 3. Matthew Kinsman (A), 13:12; 4. Jacob Hauter (P), 14:15; 7. Jesse Felix (A), 15:49; 9. Nathan Siller (P), 16:04; 11. Elijah Miller (A), 16:48; 12. Sid Ramirez (A), 16:50; 18. Evan Rufenacht (P), 21:54; 19. Logan Garcia (P), 29:36.


Liberty Center 19, Pettisville 42, Archbold 63, Evergreen no team

2. Mikala Avina (P), 15:12; 7. Demetria Martinez (A), 16:59; 8. Jo Bloomer (P), 17:19; 9. Becky Tilley (P), 17:20; 10. Mara Beck (A), 17:41; 11. Grace Friend (P), 17:48; 12. Hannah Herring (A), 18:20; 13. Jessica Lindsay (A), 18:29; 16. Maddy Roth (A), 19:23; 17. Lauren Stuckey (A0, 19:33; 18. Jaelyn Rufenacht (P), 21:10; 19. Bekah Eggers (A), 21:41. Pettisville Junior High

The Pettisville junior high soccer team traveled to Toledo for a match with Emmanuel Christian, Thursday, Sept. 2. Pettisville fell behind 1-0 in the first half, but battled back to tie in the 45th minute when Jacob Waidelich pushed a pass forward, and Jordon Bontrager outran the defense and scored.

Dustin Nofziger made multiple saves at goal against a strong multiple threat offense. A penalty kick late in the game proved to be the game winner as Emmanuel Christian won 2-1.

Archbold 7th Grade

Archbold def. Fairview 25-23, 25- 23, Thursday, Sept. 2. Points won on serves: Brooke Hines 9, Maddy Smith 2, Madison Kohler 4, Cassi Wyse 3, Allie McQuade 14.

“Allie McQuade and Brooke Hines stepped up with great serves, and Mim Beck had some nice plays at the net,” said Cindy Clark, Archbold coach.

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