Archbold, OH
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

It’s Over

The results won’t be official for a few days, but whether your candidate won or lost, there is one thing in which we can all revel in– the 2012 presidential campaign is over.

Americans have endured the campaign for months. As Ohioans, residents of a battleground state, we have been particularly inundated with direct-mail pieces, telephone calls, and of course, radio and television advertisements.

The candidates and groups working on behalf of the candidates have gone so far over the line, that one would believe that each candidate eats dirt and howls at the moon, or perhaps has horns, a tail, and carries a pitchfork.

Real election reform, while desirable, is doubtful, as both sides rely on the status quo.

Perhaps the best news is the election cycle is over. But the next is only a few months away.

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