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It’s Fire Prevention Week – Prevent Home Fires



“It’s Fire Prevention Week- Prevent Home Fires!” is the Fire Prevention Week theme for 2008. Simple precautions can prevent home fires and reduce the injuries, fatalities, and prop – erty damage they cause.

Becoming too complacent about fire safety can lead to big trouble. Check your home, barn, shed, property, and practices for potential risk of fire and fire-related injury, paying special atten – tion to space heaters, fireplaces, fur – naces, kitchen and cooking safety, elec – trical outlets, extension cords, light bulbs, flammable liquids and candles, to name a few.

Have you installed a working smoke alarm? Test your smoke alarm today and once a month hereafter – a good rule is to remember to change these batteries when the time changes in the spring and fall.

Do those in your household know what to do when fire strikes? Fire safety advocates stress the importance of having a

Home Escape Plan and practicing it with everyone in your household. The speed and power of fire and smoke, and the danger they pose, is too often underestimated. Practicing your home fire escape plan is key in preparing everyone so they can escape quickly and safely. Contact either fire department if you would like help in setting up a safety plan.

The Ridgeville Township Volunteer Fire Department service area is approximately 54 square miles, or 900+ homes and businesses. When schools are in session and businesses are running at capacity, RFD’s census is about 8,000 residents.

The Ridgeville Township Volunteer Fire Department has 31 active mem – bers- 30 firefighters, one cadet, 21 cer – tified emergency medical technicians, three “first responders,” and three are currently taking the 140-hour EMT course. All are volunteers.

The RFD’s current project is replac – ing the tanker, which is a 1975 body and tank on a 1984 Ford chassis. The estimated cost is $265,000. The department committed $60,000 toward the purchase. These funds are from fund-rais – ers, gifts, donations, and memorials. The RFD also recently received a 10-year, $200,000 interest-free loan from the State of Ohio for this project. In addition, the department continues to submit grant requests to help pay for training and equipment upgrades that keep it in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association and Insurance Service Organization.

The Ridgeville Fire Department appreciates your continued support.

If you are interested in becoming a firefighter/EMT on either the Archbold or Ridgeville Fire Departments, contact Andy Brodbeck, AFD chief, at 419-445-9506, or Dexter Benecke, RFD chief, at 419-267-3684 or 267-3328.

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