Issues With Semis Reported To Police

Three incidents involving semi trucks were filed with Archbold police recently.

Police were called to ConAgra about 6:03 am, Saturday, March 4, where a semi had driven off the pavement in a company parking lot and became stuck. A tow truck had to be called to free the vehicle.

An officer obtained information about the truck and the driver. Further investigation is pending.

An officer was called to the Archbold Main Stop on a parking complaint about 12:57 am, Tuesday, March 7.

A semi parked in the convenience store lot about 7 pm the preceding night. A store employee asked the driver to move, because overnight parking is not allowed. The driver did not move the vehicle.

When the officer arrived, he spoke with the driver, who left the lot. Case closed.

An officer on duty at 4:05 am that same day spotted a disabled semi at the intersection of South Defiance and Park streets.

The report states the driver was able to move the vehicle to a location off the roadway.