Archbold, OH

Investigate Boat Ramp Vandalism

Archbold Police officers are investigating a vandalism of the village boat ramp at the reservoir.

Someone drove through a plastic chain, and over a wooden fence post, then drove through the yard near the ramp. Trash was scattered through the lawn and parking lot.

Water Treatment Plant workers said the vandalism was done between 9 pm Aug. 9 and 7:30 am the following day.

A representative of Marco’s Pizza told police they received three phone calls for pizzas to be delivered. But when the driver reached the address specified, no one was at home.

Police were able to trace the calls to three juveniles. Their parents reimbursed the pizza carry-out.

The report was filed Monday, Aug. 6; incidents occurred between 4:34 pm and 4:50 pm that day.

Dana Keys, 401 DeGroff Ave., told police the driver side window of her vehicle was broken while it was parked at her residence. She filed a report Friday, Aug. 10; the damage was done sometime between 9:15 pm Aug. 9, and 7:29 the following morning.

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