Archbold, OH

Indictments Include Drug, Theft, Domestic Charges

The Fulton County Grand Jury has handed down indictments against 14 persons on charges including theft, domestic violence, and drug-related offenses.

The grand jury met Monday, June 21, to consider charges against individuals for crimes allegedly committed in Fulton County.

An indictment against Mario J. Flores, 43, Archbold, is detailed elsewhere in this edition.

Others indicted:

•Brad L. Nagel, 30, Swanton; indicted on two counts, vehicular assault; on or about April 21, while operating a motor vehicle, allegedly caused serious physical harm to two persons.

•Michael C. Osborne, 38, Delta; indicted on one count, domestic violence; on or about May 23, allegedly caused or attempted to cause physical harm to a family member.

•Michael L. Miller, 38, Fayette; indicted on two counts, illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance and one count contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a child; on or about March 19 to April 8, allegedly possessed material that showed a minor who is not his child in a state of nudity.

•James P. Kelly, Jr., 24, Swanton; indicted on one count, attempted burglary; on or about May 28, allegedly attempted to break into an occupied residence in Swanton.

•Mark A. Estel, 20, Wauseon; Alexander J. Hofner, 18, Wauseon; and Justin B. Leveck, 18, Wauseon; each indicted on one count breaking and entering, two counts theft, one count receiving stolen property; during the period of May 28 to June 3, the three allegedly broke into a Wauseon business and stole property valued at more than $500 but less than $5,000.

•Kevin W. McDowell, 39, Delta; indicted on one count, theft; on or about June 1, allegedly stole merchandise from a Wauseon business valued at more than $500 but less than $5,000.

•Luis Garza, 32, Wauseon; indicted on one count, possession of cocaine; on or about May 27, was allegedly in possession of the drug.

•Ian C. Ruffer, 20, Wauseon; indicted on one count, aggravated possession of drugs; on or about June 12, allegedly possessed the drug Ecstasy.

•Lavell L. Jones, also known as Laveal L. Jones, 33, Toledo; indicted on four counts, illegal processing of drug documents; between Jan. 6 and Jan. 11, allegedly possessed a forged prescription involving dangerous drugs Vicodin and Percocet.

•Dawn K. McNett, 28, Toledo; indicted on one count, illegal processing of drug documents; on or about Jan. 11, was allegedly in possession of a forged prescription involving Vicodin.

•Michael D. Crawford, 38, Toledo; indicted on two counts, nonsupport of dependents; between May 10, 2009 and May 8, 2010, allegedly failed to pay child support totaling $2,047.76.

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