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“Incredibly Slow Start” For United Way, Says Saaf

United Way of Fulton County for 2007 is off to an “incredibly slow start”, Gina Saaf, UW director said at the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Monday noon, Nov. 12.

UW will share whatever the final collection is with the 33 agencies included in the campaign.

Saaf said because of the current economic conditions the UW directors set the 2007 goal at $326,000. That was the amount collected last year.

The drive will “wrap up” around Thanksgiving. About 30 percent of the goal was accounted Nov. 12.

According to Saaf, UW directors plan to add two new programs in 2008.

One will be a mileage payment for cancer patients who travel long distances for treatment. The other, community care is a one-time payment for non-cancer patients. Both categories will be decided by the UW directors when they consider individual cases.

Saaf said a fall UW program provides book bags that include a book. Last year 400 county students received a bag.

A video, funded by the Sauder companies of Archbold, was shown. It highlights how UW helped two individuals and a couple.

The couple lost their home and belongings in a fire. One woman had a drug and alcohol problem, and another has a handicapped adult daughter who receives UW services. They told how UW agencies helped them with their problems.

Over 14,000 residents of Fulton County have received aid from UW.

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