Archbold, OH

Income Tax Starts New Year Strong

Archbold municipal income tax started 2011 strong, generating $303,802.70 for the village.

That was $96,927.19 more than the January 2010 collection of $206,875.51, an increase of 46.85%.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, cautioned members of council not to take the number as a sign of good times ahead for the 1.5% municipal income tax performance in 2011.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll see a lower February collection,” Howell told councilmen at their Monday, Feb. 7 meeting.

Over the years, revenue from the tax on worker paychecks and corporate profits continued to increase from year to year, with very few setbacks.

In 2006, municipal tax collections hit a peak of nearly $4.9 million.

Over the next four years, revenues fell.

The total 2010 collection was down to $3.45 million. That’s down about $1.4 million, or about 29%, from the 2006 peak.

Village officials were pleased at the end of 2010 when the gross total revenue for the year was down 5.8% from 2009. They had planned on a 10% reduction.

Village of Archbold Municipal Income Tax Receipts

Jan., 2011 $303,802.70
Jan., 2010 $206,875.51
Difference ($) +96,927.19
Difference (%) +46.9%
Year-to- date,
2011 $303,802.70
Year-to- date
2010 $206,875.51
Difference ($) +96,927.19
Difference (%) +46.9%

Information provided by Village of Archbold Income Tax Department, as provided to Archbold Village Council; monthly figures represent gross income tax receipts received from the village’s 1.5% income tax during the month, plus the same month one year ago; Year-to-date figures are for income tax collected during the indicated years, from Jan. 1 to the end of the month indicated.

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