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Income Tax Report “Not Good News”

Dennis Howell, Archbold Village administrator, told council members the municipal income tax report for October was “not good news.”

Speaking to Archbold Village Council at its Monday night, Nov. 2 meeting, Howell said the total tax collection for October 2009 was down almost 30% compared to the same month in 2008.

On a year-to-date basis, the 2009 collection is roughly 12.5% behind the same time period in 2008.

For October 2009, municipal income tax collections were $225,783.22, down $95,403.30 from October 2008, when the tax brought in $321,186,52.

From Jan. 1 to Oct. 30, 2009, the total amount of money generated by the 1.5% income tax is $3,053,987.89. That’s $443,860.38 less than the $3,497,848.27 raised in the same time period in 2008.

When a councilman asked for Howell’s thoughts, he said, “We’d better watch what we spend.”

“I’d like to say we’re seeing good signs in the economy, but not in Archbold.

“We need to do everything we can to promote new business, but I don’t see anyone willing to invest,” he said.

Dirt On Road

Later in the meeting, Brad Grime, councilman, asked about dirt being dragged onto the road by trucks using the diesel fuel pumps at Friendship Food Mart, located at the intersection of South Defiance Street and Nolan Parkway.

Howell said a previous village council and a previous village administrator allowed the gas station-convenience store to be built with a stone parking area for trucks behind the building.

Now, after a rain, trucks are dragging mud onto Nolan Parkway.

Howell said he had been in contact with the store owners, Beck Oil, Findlay.

He said he was told the store is struggling, and the company does not wish to make a large investment in the facility.

Howell said when the village does its next street repaving project, he will check with the contractor to see if it would be feasible to use the grindings material to cover the lot.

“We’ll see if they can make Beck Oil a decent price,” Howell said.


Council approved bids for chemicals at the village water and wastewater treatment plants.

He told councilmen chemical prices had increased dramatically over the last five years, but this year the cost had remained relatively flat.

All council members were present, and all votes were unanimous.

Next meeting: Monday, Nov. 16, 7 pm, in council chambers.

Village of Archbold
Municipal Income Tax

Oct., 2009 $225,783.22
Oct., 2008 $321,186.52
Difference ($) -$95,403.30

Difference (%) -29.7%
2009 $3,053,987.89
2008 $3,497,848.27
Difference ($) -$443,860.48

Difference (%) -12.7%

Information provided by Village of Archbold Income Tax Department, as provided to Archbold Village Council; monthly figures represent gross income tax receipts received from the village’s 1.5% income tax during the month, plus the same month one year ago; Year-to-date figures are for income tax collected during the indicated years, from Jan. 1 to the end of the month indicated.

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