Archbold, OH

Hydroponics Great Archbold Opportunity?

Hydroponics, the art and science of growing crops without soil, is modern technology. It could be a key to the future needs of food production.

Hydroponics involves growing plants in a medium other than soil, with their roots fed by nutrient-rich water. Aeroponics is similar, except the roots are sprayed with a mist of water and nutrients.

Large-scale commercial hydroponic growing operations already exist. They could be built most anywhere, from Florida to Alaska, from Los Angeles to New York.

Archbold is strategically located near the most heavily populated section of America, the east coast. Hydroponically

grown foods can be quickly shipped by truck or train to eastern markets.

Since hydroponic plants can be grown indoors in controlled environments, the growing season can go on all year long.

There is building space available in Archbold. Electricity and natural gas are readily available for heat and light, and wind turbines can provide much of the power. There’s an abundance of fresh water.

Archbold could become a major center for hydroponically-grown food. All it needs is entrepreneurship with vision and courage.

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