Archbold, OH

Huge Pay For Big Responsibility

For many, an annual salary approaching (or topping) $100,000 is big money.

It seems even bigger when a man or woman making that money, such as a superintendent of schools, is paid out of the public trough, i.e., property taxes.

But the issue requires a second look.

It’s an undisputable fact that a superintendent has a big job. David Deskins, Archbold superintendent, oversees a budget of millions of dollars and a physical plant probably valued at $10 million– or more.

He is responsible for a transportation business (school buses), entertainment enterprises (music and sports), a food service (three cafeterias) over 100 employees, and about 1,300 precious children.

While there are other managers under him, it is the superintendent who ultimately answers to the school board. He must also implement the policies and decisions of the board on a day-to-day basis.

This year, Archbold school district administrators got a 1.5% pay raise, after the Archbold Education Association, which represents the teachers, agreed to a contract featuring no raise in base pay.

While that seems unfair, it must be remembered some, not all, teachers will get their annual years-ofservice “step” pay hikes.

The almost-$100,000 salary paid to Deskins is not out of line compared to other superintendents, especially for a district that has very high expectations for student success. For example, the Ohio Department of Education doesn’t just hand out its Excellent school district ranking. Everyone, including students, teachers, administrators, and support staff, must work for it!

A hundred grand a year (or almost) is big money, but it’s a huge job that deserves big pay.

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