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Huffman Wins, But Loses Kart Race At Jackson

When John Huffman crossed the finish line in the stock heavy feature race at the Jackson, Mich., kart track Friday night, June 6, the nose of his kart was ahead of the nearest contender.

But officials at the track don’t score races based on what they see- they rely on an electronic device known as a transponder.

Each kart is equipped with the small electronic device. As it passes a sensor built into the track, the exact time is recorded on a computer. Officials refer to the computer to determine scoring.

The rule of thumb is the transponder is to be positioned on the kart somewhere between the steering wheel and the driver’s knees, where Huffman’s transponder is located.

But the competitor’s kart had its transponder in the nose. So while Huffman’s nose may have been ahead of the other kart, the other kart’s transponder was ahead of Huffman’s, so that’s the way the race was scored.

Huffman said the difference between the two transponders was officially recorded as .00314, or a little over three one-thousandths of a second.

Due to rain, racers at Jackson qualified, and ran the feature. Huffman was third fastest in qualifying.


Kyle DeKnight, 12, Pettisville, added 150 pounds of weight to his kart and ran stock heavy. He was the fourth-fastest qualifier, and finished the feature in third place.

Vance Nofziger, Pandora, formerly of Archbold, set the fast time in qualifying, and finished the feature in fourth.

In senior econo, Mark Frey, Archbold, debuted a new chassis Friday night, his first night of racing in the 2008 season. He set the fast time in qualifying, and won the feature.

Danielle Frey, Pettisville, was second fastest qualifier, and was second in the senior econo feature.


Tyler Herschberger, 13, Pettisville, was the third fastest qualifier on the dirt track at Jackson Saturday, June 7. He races in the 250cc open minisprint class.

He was second in his heat, and third in the feature.

Graeme Short, 10, Archbold, raced in the 250 cc restricted mini-sprint class.

During practice, his kart rolled onto its right side. Quick repairs by Chris Short, his father, and Duane Short, his grandfather, got him back on track.

Despite some damage, Graeme was the fourth fastest in qualifying, won his heat race, and was second in the feature.


Huffman swept the super heavy kart class at Fremont Sunday, June 8, winning both heats and the feature.- information provided by John Huffman, Chris Short, and Lavon Herschberger. Written by David Pugh

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