Archbold, OH

How To Vote For Write-In Candidates

When voters in the Archbold School District go to the polls, Tuesday, Nov. 7, for the fall General Election, they will have the opportunity to vote for two write-in candidates.

Carrieanne Baden and Jackie Wyse both filed paperwork to declare their intent to be write-in candidates. They filed documents after the deadline to appear on the ballot.

To vote for a write-in candidate, Melanie Gilders, director of the Fulton County Board of Elections, and Joan Friess, clerk of the Henry County Board of Elections, said if a person requests a paper ballot, there will be a “bubble,” or circle, to fill in next to the space to write a candidates name.

Persons voting by machine will have a space they can touch. When they touch that space, a keyboard will appear on the machine. The voter then can use the keyboard to fill in the name of the candidate.

Gilders said the name of the candidate doesn’t have to be spelled correctly.

“We need to be able to decipher the intent of the voter,” she said.

All ballots cast for write-in candidates must be reviewed by the Board of Elections, she said.

“The board determines which ballots were valid and which were not,” Gilders said.

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