Archbold, OH

Hostetler To Study Humor And Health Connection

Jep Hostetler

Jep Hostetler

Editor’s note: Jep Hostetler was a speaker when Ed Nofziger was honored as the 2011 Citizen of the Year.

Jep Hostetler, Goshen Ind., will study health and humor during a four-month project.

Hostetler, well known in the Archbold area, is a former Ohio State University professor, speaker, magician, and author of a study of the importance of humor in health and faith.

During the four-month project, Hostetler will look for connections between spirituality and a sense of humor, and the relationship between a sense of humor and health.

As part of the project, Hostetler said he will interview more than 100 Benedictine Monks.

The project is being conducted through St. John’s University, New York.

Hostetler said there have been studies that prove laughing reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins, the same chemicals that produce “the runner’s high.”

In an article in Sojourner’s Magazine, Hostetler said those involved in heavy, serious tasks, such as international peacemaking, need humor to relieve the stress and tension of their missions.

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