Archbold, OH

Honoring Our Veterans

Americans have been urged to honor our veterans for many years now.

While they certainly deserve honor, how, exactly, does the typical American do that?

Roy Poor, an Ohio Air National Guard major and fighter pilot, shared suggestions from a fellow OANG officer and pilot, Elliot England.

England said the best way to honor veterans is to live by the ideals they fought for.

Ideals like respect. Show respect not just to veterans, but to everyone– to the families that love and nurtured you, to the teachers that help give you the tools to succeed in life. Respect the police and firefighters who risk their lives to protect you.

Ideals like integrity. Poor said integrity is “the strength to do the right thing when everyone is pressuring you to do something wrong.”

Ideals like justice. Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Be strong for the people who need help, and show them good people can be even stronger when they work together.

Ideals like pride. Be proud of who you are, your town, and your school.

“Be proud of what makes us different from each other and what makes us the same,” Poor said.

“Be proud to be an American.”