Archbold, OH

Honor Veterans Memorial Day

Right now, across the globe, American men and women wearing the uniform of their armed service stand vigilant, protecting American interests and citizens.

Right now, in Iraq and Afghanistan, American men and women are in harm’s way, fighting and dying for their country.

America is fortunate that so many men and women voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way, to stand gallantly between America and those who want to harm us.

Many times, the men and women return home changed– some for the better, some worse. Some come back maimed for life. Some don’t come back alive.

Monday, May 31, is Memorial Day in our great nation. It’s a time for picnics and family reunions, and celebrations.

Also, it’s the one day each year that is set aside to honor the men and women who wear the military uniform, who stand guard to protect the democratic way of life.

There are Memorial Day services in Archbold, Pettisville, and Ridgeville Corners. Take time to attend, to honor those, past and present, who have defended America’s interests, who protected our land, and guarded our very lives.

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