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Holiday Gift Guide

Personal Care A Growing Passion- And Gift Idea

The spa industry is a booming one. Over the last three years, visits to spas have increased by 16 percent.

More than half of the men and women visiting spas to engage in facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and restorative baths do so for relaxation purposes.

What’s more, many spa visitors want to recreate the services and relaxation values of spa visits in the comfort of home.

Building upon this idea, gifts involving personal care can appeal to many on your holiday shopping list.

Plus, gifts of this type can be put together to meet a variety of interests and budgets. Here are a few ideas:

•Pampered pedicures. Feet take the brunt of daily activity. That’s why routine pedicures can keep them in top shape and provide comfort.

Pedicures can be done at home with a few supplies, easily packaged into a gift basket.

Fill a gift basket with nail clippers, cuticle pushers, cotton balls and swabs, nail polish remover, moisturizing foot lotion, warm fuzzy socks, and a foot file.

•At-home facial. There are many products sold at area department stores and even drug stores that offer the convenience and lower price of a facial at home.

From exfoliating facial scrubs to mechanized devices that slough off the signs of aging, you can find items to cater to your gift recipient.

Complete the package with a CD of relaxing music, gentle cotton cleansing pads and makeup remover.

•Merry massages. Professional spa employees are certifi ed in massage therapy and make easy work of loosening up muscles and melting away stress and tension.

However, similar results can be achieved at home with a few handy items.

For massage-lovers, recreate the spa experience with a gift of a luxe robe, candles, scented (or unscented depending upon sensitivity) massage oil, and a book of massage basics.

If you’re gifting a romantic partner, include a certificate for your massage services.

•A pampered day out. Treat a friend or family member to a day out by purchasing a gift card to his or her favorite spa or personal-care salon.

A simple massage or pedicure “on you” will be appreciated.

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