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Hog On Auction Block For Friday Fairlawn Auxiliary Auction

One of the biggest, most interesting items being offered at the 50th annual Fairlawn Auction won’t be there.

Joyce Winzeler, president of the Fairlawn Auxiliary, said Donna Konst, Fairlawn chief executive officer, is also the co-owner of a hog farm. She has donated a hog to the event.

Additionally, two local businesses have donated their services to process the meat.

“The hog will not actually be there,” said Nanette Buehrer, director of development and community services at Fairlawn.

“I could just see wrestling a 250-pound hog” across the auction block at Founder’s Hall, she said.

The donation of the animal is well timed, Buehrer said.

“Right before grilling season.”


Last-minute preparations are underway for the event, and things are “very hectic,” Winzeler said.

There are no problems, just “getting everything lined up so the auction presents itself well,” she said.

The auction is famous for two particular things: handcrafted woodworking and quilts.

“We have a lot of really nice woodworking,” Winzeler said.

Buehrer said one interesting item is a childs rocking motorcycle. There have been rocking horses before, but a rocking motorcycle is a first for the auction.

Winzeler said she describes this year’s quilts as colorful.

“We have some very colorful, very beautiful quilts– maybe more colorful than other years,” she said.

One item that falls into neither category is a childrens play barn, made of fabric.

It’s constructed like a tent that slips over a card table, but is made to resemble a barn. It has barnyard animals appliqued to the outside.

“It’s the perfect piece for a grandparent,” Winzeler said. “You set up a card table, put this over it, and kids have a place to play. When the grandkids leave, you take it down and put it in a closet.”

Buehrer said photos of the items can be seen on the Fairlawn Facebook page. It can be reached through Fairlawn’s own page,


A preview night is Thursday, April 7, starting at 4:30 pm at Founder’s Hall.

Buehrer said there will be gift boxes for sale, that include a small item and possibly some gift cards.

There will be a bake sale and photos from the photography show will be for sale, as well.

Winzeler said there is also a possibility a choir from the Christopher Dock Mennonite High School, Lansdale, Pa., will visit Thursday night, and possibly perform.

The Fairlawn Auxiliary Auction starts at 5 pm, Friday, April 8, at Founder’s Hall.

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