Archbold, OH

Hike AHS Sports Ticket Prices $1

First Price Hike In NWOAL In 12 Years, Deskins Reports

Ticket prices for athletic events at Archbold High School are going up $1 for students and adults as the result of a decision by the Archbold Area School Board.

During a meeting Monday night, June 16, board members voted to raise prices from $5 to $6 for adults, and from $3 to $4 for students.

David Deskins, school district superintendent, said Allan Gladieux, AHS athletic director, is working on developing a family ticket plan for families who have more than one or two students.

Deskins told board members it had been 12 years since ticket prices were increased in the Northwest Ohio Athletic League. The NWOAL was one of the few leagues that had not raised prices.

The athletic department is paying more for officials, equipment, and has taken on other financial responsibilities.

Deskins said football and boys basketball generally generate enough ticket revenue to operate the athletic department for the year. But with the additional expenses, the ticket price increase was needed.

The eight high school principals in the NWOAL voted on the ticket price increase. Deskins said they voted 7-1 to raise ticket prices.

Personnel Action

The board approved several personnel actions, including the hiring of three new teachers for Archbold Elementary School.

One-year contracts were approved for Dustie Brubaker and Kelly Kruse as first grade teachers, and for Jennifer Jo Hurst as a second grade teacher.

Dorothy Lambert, elementary school principal, said Brubaker and Kruse have some special education background. Kruse has served as a long-term substitute in the school district.

Lambert said there were 130 applicants for the first and second grade positions.

Approve Personnel

Other personnel actions:

•Approved summer custodian contracts for Joyce Miller and Taylor Gerken

•Approved contract for Sarah Tiplady as 2008 elementary summer school teacher

•Approved summer contracts for three teachers as Ohio graduation test intervention instructions: Laura Bickel, science; Joe Frank, citizenship; Ben Gericke, reading-writing, and Melissa Nafziger, math

•Approved supplemental contracts for Jen Buchhop and Sarah Betts as high school student council advisors for the 2008-09

•Approved supplemental contracts for Brian Becher and Kristin Shields as local professional development council representatives for 2008-09

•Approved increases of one hour per day in contracts of Kathy Beck and Jackie Ballmer, middle school cafeteria workers

•Approved Steve Walker as a volunteer junior high cross country coach, and Brandon Behnfeldt as a volunteer high school football coach, for 2008.- David Pugh

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