Archbold, OH

High School Degree More Valuable Than Ever

Thousands of Americans are being laid off from good-paying jobs. Factories and businesses are closing around the globe. The American economy is in slump. The world economy is in a slump.

Economists say it’s more than a recession.

A high school diploma provides a person with proof of a completed education. The 2008 high school graduates may recognize the value of it sooner than some previous graduates.

A tight job market increases the value of education. Twelve years of school is a marketable asset.

A high school degree is a steppingstone to those who desire higher education, and it’s a passport to a job for those not headed to college.

Today, education is more important than ever.

America needs teachers, doctors, lawyers, and others who have four, six, or more, years of college. Equally important are those holding a high school degree. They’re a tremendous part of our country’s valuable workforce.

Pettisville High School and Stryker High School graduations are May 25, 2008. Archbold High School commencement is June 1.

Do you agree, all graduates need high praise from their communities?

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