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Henry Co. Commissioner To Vote Against Rt. 66 Realignment

Tom VonDeylen, a Henry County commissioner, said he would not vote to realign St. Rts. 66 and 2 to Co. Rd. 24.

“I can’t speak 100% for the other two commissioners, but I’m pretty confident they would not vote for it, either,” he said.

VonDeylen said commissioner Robert Hastedt had voted against Phase I funding for the realignment project in 2014. He did not think Hastedt would vote to continue support for the project.

“Based on conversations we’ve had, I don’t think anyone of us is voting to proceed,” he said.

VonDeylen said he was voting against the project, because, “I don’t see where it would do any good for Henry County.

He said if St. Rt. 66 is moved to Co. Rd. 24, Henry County will get the former St. Rt. 66, which will become Henry County Road 23.

“It would cost more money for the Henry County Department of Engineering to maintain the road, because we would be getting a wider road,” VonDeylen said.

He said Henry County would be responsible for plowing snow from the former highway, for repaving the road surface, and other maintenance requirements.

However, VonDeylen said he didn’t know if the Henry County commissioners would get another chance to vote on the realignment project.

“I’ve heard both ways. I’ve heard we would get a chance to vote on it, and I’ve heard we would not get a chance to vote.

“I do know when we approved phase I funding, commissioner (Glenn) Miller (Henry County) made the motion to proceed only with Phase I.”

That, he said, only assured funding for the preliminary study phases of the project.

But, VonDeylen said, if the state of Ohio gets involved in the guise of the Ohio Department of Transportation, local boards of commissioners may not have a say.

“If the state wants to do something, they don’t ask the county commissioners’ opinion.

“Or, they may ask for our opinion, but they don’t necessarily follow it.”

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