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Heer Excavating To Rebuild South St.

All Bids Over Engineer’s Estimate

Archbold Village Council approved the bid of Heer Excavating, rural Archbold, for the reconstruction of South Street at its Monday May 17 meeting.

The firm entered a bid of $928,939.75, which was $53,939.75, or about 6.2%, over the estimated cost of $875,000.

Vernon Nagel, Inc., Napoleon, bid $954,352, which was $25,412.25, or 2.7%, over the winning bid, and $79,352, or about 9%, over the estimated cost.

Lingvai Excavating, LLC, Bryan, bid $962,389, which was $33,449.25, or 3.6%, over the Heer bid, and $87,389, or about 10%, over the engineer’s estimate.

The village engineering department has had a history of its estimates coming in higher than the bids, so all bids coming in over the estimate is unusual.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said there was no one item that drove up the cost.

He said he did notice the prices for underground pipe, stone for backfill, and asphalt were all higher.

“Our estimates are based on history and trends over the last two or three years,” he said.

“We’ve seen that prices were down, and down considerably,” he said.

Apparently, he said material prices have hit bottom, and are on their way back up.

“Out next estimate will include (South Street) bidding in it,” he said.

Seaman said unless engineers are right on in terms of price, they’re often asked why their estimates are different from the actual bid.

“Remember, it’s called an estimate,” he said.

South Street, and eastwest street in the village’s southeastern quadrant, will be reconstructed from South Defiance Street to Lincoln Street. Also, one block of Brussel, West, and Middle streets will be rebuilt south of South Street.

The project is expected to be completed within 180 days, and the contract specifi es the job be completed by Nov. 24.

Seaman said a start date has not been set, but will be established within the next two weeks.–Michelle Pugh

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