Archbold, OH

Healthy Families Act Bad For Business, Bad For Workers

How did 500 new jobs in Archbold go from very possible to highly unlikely in the blink of an eye?

The Ohio Healthy Families Act, a proposed law that would require employers to give workers paid sick days, is the reason. The HFA is being placed before voters as an initiative petition.

When paid sick days are mandated by law, imposing yet another layer of onerous government regulation, it hurts the business community. When the business community hurts, workers feel the pain.

Don’t believe it? Ask the 500 persons who won’t be getting jobs with the company that probably isn’t coming to Archbold.

Most employers in our area understand paid sick days make sense, and offer them to workers, either formally or informally. Paid sick days have traditionally been negotiated between employee and employer. Part-time workers rarely have paid sick days.

Companies are being advised to change their policies to come into compliance with the law, even if it means altering current employee benefits.

Essentially, the OHFA is a solution in search of a problem, but it’s already caused a problem for Archbold.

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