Archbold, OH

Have Confidence In Archbold

No one can escape the doom and gloom when it comes to the economy.

The national press and electronic media fill their pages and airtime with pronouncements that the current economic times are the worst since the Great Depression. There is a nasty competition, a race of sorts, to see who can break the news of the largest number of people to lose their jobs.

Certainly, Archbold is impacted by the turn of events, perhaps more than ever before.

And yet, we still have merchants in our community who are willing to take risks, and start or expand a business. Such men and women are putting thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line to start or expand their operation.

To most, starting or expanding a business seems a foolish move in the midst of what has been called the greatest economic downturn since the 1930s. But such people rely on their skill, courage, analysis, and foresight to make decisions.

Even in the Great Depression, there were companies that survived, even flourished. They were led by men who had the courage, skill, and foresight to make the right moves.

Optimistic investors are appreciated. Never give up.

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