Archbold, OH

Harassment Cases Reported

Three harassment cases were reported to Archbold police last week.

Gwen Maria Maley, 33, Archbold, told police on Friday, Aug. 24, she was receiving unwanted telephone calls from a person, and wanted the calls to stop.

Officers made contact with the person and advised if the person did not stop calling Maley, charges would be filed.

Connie Hartman, 64, Archbold, told police on the same day that she, too, had been receiving unwanted calls from someone she knows. She wanted the calls to stop.

Hartman also feared the person would come to her residence.

Officers made contact with the person, and advised the person if the calls persist, charges will be filed. If the person went to the Hartman residence, he or she would be placed under arrest.

Brian A. Keith, 48, Archbold, told officers he was being harassed by someone in the rental building they share.

Keith said the person placed a sign offensive to him in a window.

Officers told Keith a crime had not been committed, and advised him to contact the landlord.

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