Archbold, OH

Gun Powder Case Serious Incident

When an Archbold High School student brought a quantity of material represented to be gunpowder to school, it was a serious infraction of school rules and state law.

Apparently one of the two boys involved was showing the material to a friend, or just plain showing off.

Whatever the case, the pair now face a mandatory one-year expulsion from school.

Some are asking why expel two boys for a year for a crime in which no one was hurt, and no harm was intended.

Today, we live in a post-Columbine world. Firearms, or dangerous ordnance which includes gunpowder, must not be allowed in schools. Safety must be the utmost concern.

We would be remiss if we did not ask where the youth got gunpowder. If from home, why wasn’t the gunpowder locked away?

In this incident, there was the potential for great harm. Suppose kids, being kids, let their curiosity overcome common sense and tried to touch flame to powder.

A year of expulsion is a serious penalty, but bringing an explosive into school is a serious offense. Our hope is that while the students serve their expulsions, some arrangement can be made for them to continue their education.

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