Archbold, OH

Group Raising Funds To Upgrade Memorial Park Ball Diamond

An informal group of Archbold residents is raising money to change the backstop at the baseball diamond in Memorial Park.

Russ Wyse, a member of the group, said they want to replace the chain-link style backstop with a combination of a low concrete block wall that would extend from dugout to dugout, and a large net.

Using a net would reduce the number of poles that support the backstop, improving visibility for those in the stands.

Jennifer Kidder, director of Archbold Parks & Recreation, said the group approached Park Board about the project in August.

Wyse said the group got an estimate of about $8,000 to replace the backstop.

The estimate is to replace the chain link with a net of the same height. He said Park Board asked that the net be taller, which would cut down on the number of foul balls from the baseball diamond that end up on other diamonds.

Foul balls topping the backstop “can be a problem,” he said.

Park Board has offered to pick up the cost for anything above the current height.

Wyse said fund-raising is underway. The group has about $4,000 to $5,000 committed to the project and plans to continue its appeal.

“We want to do this yet this year, if we can get the funds raised,” he said.

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