Archbold, OH

Great Interest In Local Candidates

Meet the Candidates Night, sponsored by the Archbold Buckeye and Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce, was a great success.

Attendance in the audience topped 115 people. Thirteen of the 14 candidates for Archbold Village Council, Archbold School Board, and German Township Trustee seats attended. Persons who attended the Oct. 12 event are better informed on local government and will share the experience with friends and acquaintances about candidates.

The impact of the event will spread far beyond those in the AHS auditorium that night.

Most of the evening was spent with council and trustee candidates giving their opinions on the rerouting of St. Rt. 66 along the present Co. Rd. 24, separation of the village of Archbold from German Township, and the debate over the village taking over the German Township- Archbold Fire Department.

Those three issues were the “elephants in the room,” the biggest issues that have faced Archbold and German Township for more than a year. More than that, they have been issues that threaten to drive a wedge between the village and the township that will do neither side any good.

Several audience members took the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates, either before, during, or after the forum.

Citizens who take the time to educate themselves about the candidates and issues are more informed voters. The forum allowed voters to hear directly from the candidates what their views are.

Be sure your voice is heard. Early voting has already started, and Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 7.


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