Archbold, OH

Grass Loves Water

For homeowners on South Defi- ance Street, it’s time to make the lovely new grass grow.

The contractor has done an excellent job leveling the disturbed soil and planting grass seed after the street was repaved and new curbs, built. When the grass grows, it, too, will add to the appearance of our community, and in turn, boost the value of private property in the town and township.

The Archbold style is for owners to take an extra step to keep property beautifully maintained. Junk homes and unkempt property are not tolerated.

Homeowners who water the terraces will only benefit themselves, the street, and the town.

Of course, the homeowner is getting lots of help this year. Mother Nature is doing her job, providing lots of rain.

Are more reasons needed to buy property, and live in Archbold, a paradise on earth?

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