Archbold, OH

Grand Champion Ribbons Awarded At Junior Fair

Kaitlyn Nofziger, daughter of Greg and Jodi, Pettisville, showed the grand champion beef feeder while Emily Herring, daughter of Phil and Donielle, Pettisville, showed the grand champion steer and grand champion born and raised steer at the 2012 Fulton County Junior Fair.

Nofziger also was the beef feeder calves showmanship winner for age 18 and older.

Herring was the beef breeding showmanship winner for ages 16 and older, and the beef steer showmanship winner for ages 18 and older.

They were among several youths who brought home junior fair ribbons or trophies (includes parents’ names):

•Bailey Creager, Todd and Patti, Wauseon; grand champion overall hog; outstanding swine exhibitor; senior showmanship winner 17 and older-hogs; barrow champion middleweight hog;

•Adam Kinsman, Rodney and Joyce, Archbold; reserve champion overall hog; gilt champion middleweight hog;

•Demi Powers, Ryan and Amy, Fayette; grand champion beef breeding; beef breeding showmanship winner ages 13-15; reserve champion beef feeder;

•Taylor West-Brehm, Mark and Christina, Fayette, reserve champion beef breeding;

•Lauren Jones, Mark and Penny, Delta, grand champion poultry production; best of show poultry;

•Ross Anare, Nate and Trish, Wauseon, reserve champion poultry production;

•Jordan Simon, Tonya Simon, Fayette, grand champion fancy chickens;

•Allison Smith, Jennifer Smith, Swanton, reserve champion fancy chickens;

•John Jacoby, John and Callie, Wauseon, grand champion pen of 3 broilers chickens;

•Jacob Willson, Earl and Paula, Delta, reserve champion pen of 3 broilers chickens; grand champion duck;

•Maureen O’Neil, Joe and Paula, Lyons, grand champion turkey; poultry turkey/ ducks/geese senior showmanship winner ages 16 and older;

•Hanna Knapp, Greg and Missy, Liberty Center, reserve champion turkey;

•Esther Heilman, Brad and Pam, Delta, reserve champion duck;

•Emily Smithmyer, Matt and Jana, Lyons, grand champion market rabbit;

•Tyler McCullough, Chris and Brenda, Delta, reserve champion market rabbit;

•Gretchen Lee, Chris and Char, Pettisville, grand champion breed rabbit;

•Emily Dimick, Steve and Sharlyn, Wauseon, reserve champion breed rabbit;

•Josh Reynolds, Tim and Laurie, Wauseon, grand champion market roaster;

•Harley Serres, Adam Serres and Rebecca Serres, Wauseon, reserve champion market roaster;

•Allison Cuff, Jeff and Dodie, Fayette, grand champion dairy feeder calf; dairy feeder calves showmanship winner ages 15-16; dairy steer showmanship winner ages 14-16

•Sarah Kovar, Terry and Jean, Fayette, reserve champion dairy feeder calf; dairy feeder calves showmanship winner ages 17 and older;

•Olivia Banister, Troy and Jen, Wauseon, grand champion dairy steer;

•Cody Stockburger, Fred and Dawn, Fayette, reserve champion dairy steer; dairy steer showmanship winner ages 17 and older;

•Aaron Bruner, Mark and Jane, Wauseon, grand champion born & raised steer; beef steers showmanship winner ages 16-17;

•Aaron King, Larry and Catherine, Wauseon, reserve champion steer;

(Note: More junior fair results are included on page 2 and in future issues of the Archbold Buckeye.)

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