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Governor DeWine Tests Negative on Second COVID-19 TestFree Access

UPDATE: The second test Mike DeWine, Ohio governor, took after he initially tested positive for COVID-19 in a rapid-test, Thursday, Aug. 6, determined that he does NOT have COVID-19. The second test was a “more sensitive coronavirus test,” his office announced Thursday night. “The PCR (polymerise chain reaction) tests for the Governor, First Lady, and staff were run two times. They came back negative the first time and came back negative when they were run on a second diagnostic platform,” his office said. DeWine and his wife, Fran, plan to have another PCR test on Saturday to confirm the results.-Posted 11:48, 8/6


Today, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine took a test for COVID-19 as part of the standard protocol to greet President Donald Trump on the tarmac at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland. 

Governor DeWine tested positive.  Governor DeWine has no symptoms at the present time.

Governor DeWine is returning to Columbus where he and First Lady Fran DeWine, who also has no symptoms, will both be tested.

Governor DeWine plans to follow protocol for COVID-19 and quarantine at his home in Cedarville for the next 14 days.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted also took the COVID-19 test today as part of the protocol to greet the president.  Lt. Governor tested negative.-Posted 8.6, 12:43 pm