Archbold, OH

Good News In Bad Times

As the nation’s economy continues to sputter along, bad news seems to dominate the daily headlines.

Recently, Archbold received another jolt, as the parent corporation that owns Fypon, a local manufacturer for decades, announced it was moving about 70 jobs to Howe, Ind.

Yet, with all of the bad news, there are unusual and unexpected bits and pieces of positive news, as brave entrepreneurs and other committed individuals see opportunity where others see only the potential for disaster.

In the last few months, two Mexican restaurants have opened in Archbold, Casa Vieja and El Indio. A third new restaurant, Blaze & Babes, promises a sports-themed family eatery. These new restaurants increase the options for those looking for a night away from the kitchen.

The announcement of the Top of Ohio Center for the Arts is also exciting news, as another vacant building is filled. This facility could become an important part of community life, offering adults and children alike an opportunity to expand and enrich their lives.

Add to that a new chiropractic office, Back & Body Chiropractic, which recently opened here.

Granted, none of these new endeavors will have the economic impact of 70 jobs in the manufacturing sector; but they are still encouraging signs in tough times.

Some communities are waiting for the last person to leave to turn out the light. Not Archbold– there’s still life in our town.

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