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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 6, 1997

Following a 20-minute executive session, council approved naming Grant Bernath, street commissioner, as the new zoning inspector.

Council was presented with an ordinance that would place a tax levy on the ballot to pay for a new combination cable television and high-speed data network to be constructed in Archbold, but took no action.

Over 3,000 persons attended the annual Doll Show and Sale at Sauder Village.

Tracy and Lisa Zuver, who own a home on Vine Street, questioned council about the status of Vine Street reconstruction Monday night.

Jeff Ott was appointed president and chief executive officer of Bil-Jax, Inc., to succeed Steve Wyse who becomes chairman.

Rodney Rupp, Fayette, attended the 1997 Ohio Cattlemen’s Association Young Cattlemen’s Conference July 16-18, in Columbus.

Relay For Life collected almost $24,000.

Fort Wayne Christian radio station WBCL is adding a second remote transmitter site in Spencerville.

50th Anniversary- Russell and Lucille Wheeler Aug. 9.

FFA members fired nearly 900 rounds of ammunition during a July 24 trap shoot.

Deaths- William F. Dunn, 72, Archbold; Ramona Lawrence, 87, Archbold; Amanda Rupp, 94, Quincy, Mich.; Larry L. Stalter, 56, Wakarusa, Ind.

Adam Dominique, 15, Archbold, is hospitalized at MCO after he was involved in a July 19 auto mishap.

Headline- Robert Gomez Named New AHS Softball Coach

Fred Witte served as the Mud Hens batboy in 1936 and later as clubhouse manager in 1938. Witte was at Ned Skeldon Stadium Thursday to throw out the first pitch for Turn Back the Clock Night.

The 78-year-old Lockport Bridge over the Tiffin River is closed to vehicle traffic. Bob Seaman, deputy Williams County engineer, said the bridge was closed because Walt Schelling, county engineer, inspected the structure and determined it was no longer safe for traffic.

A small, informal gathering of people placed a cast aluminum plaque July 31 near the 300-year-old Council Oak in Winameg. The plaque was placed by Sauder Village.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1982

A proposal to sell reserved basketball seats on a first come, first served basis was presented to the school board Monday evening by Roger Farlee, athletic director.

Rachel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Sauder holds the family pet, Mandi, during a dog show Thursday at Fairlawn Haven Nursing Home, according to a photograph.

Joe Furko appears in a photograph in a golf cart displaying a cast on his right leg because of a fracture. Furko is the AHS defensive coordinator of the football team.

James Sellers, who lived in Archbold many years and operated Sellers Studio, was the official U.S. Navy photographer who took the last aerial photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki prior to the release of the atomic bombs.

Joe Rychener was named board member of the Pettisville Advisory Board of First National Bank, according to Marvin Miller, executive vice president.

Cindy Nofziger Lienau has spent 2 1/2 weeks preparing the 15 Archbold school buses for inspection Thursday. Cindy knows a lot about buses because she drives one.

50th Anniversary- Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bernath, Aug. 27, 1923.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Population density of Ohio is about 250 persons per square mile….A popular beverage called Moxie was sold at Archbold ice cream counters many years ago. It was claimed to be a nerve tonic…. A government project is a task that never can be started or completed on time…. Illinois has a jobless rate of 696,000 persons.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1957

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Britsch left for Cameron, La., Tuesday where they will aid in relief work at a disaster area.

A native pastor of the Belgian Congo, Rev. Kazadi Matthew, will speak at the Evangelical Mennonite Church Sunday morning at 10:30. He comes from the area where the Archie Graber family and Lodema Short are doing missionary work.

The Archbold Swimming Pool was opened Friday. News spread fast of the possibility of opening the pool. The chlorination was started early Friday. A picture on front page shows the eager swimmers waiting in a sweltering sun for the gate to open.

Archbold Village Council accepted the plat of John O. Storrer Addition to the village of Archbold at its Monday night meeting. The addition is north of Walnut Street, and Ruihley Park where new homes are being built and will make more home sites available for the future growth of the village. It was the first meeting for Walter W. Webster as clerk, who was appointed to succeed Richard M. Lauber, who resigned. Lauber served the village as clerk for over seven years.

Garold Young, his father, O. P. Young of Stryker, Frank Young, and Vern Skinner of Defiance returned Friday after a two-week vacation trip to Cheyenne, Wyo., where they attended the rodeo. They visited Denver, Colorado Springs, the Bad Lands, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and northern Michigan enroute home.

Bids for modernization of De-Ette Harrison Detwiler Memorial Hospital in Wauseon will be received until Aug. 23. It is planned to extend the hospital elevator from the second floor to the attic to provide access to storage space.

Loren Yoder, sheriff of Fulton County, reports an unusual theft of $2,600 in $100 and $50 bills and warns Fulton County merchants to check the serial numbers on bills of such denominations if they are offered in exchange for merchandise.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 1932

Citizens attended the organizational meeting in the trustee room of the Town & Township Hall Friday evening to organize for the Ruihley Park Festival to raise funds to maintain the park.

Stryker village will add a power generating plant to its municipal electric system. Stryker owns its own distribution system and buys power wholesale from Toledo Edison Co.

Over a million passenger cars were registered in Ohio in 1932.

The Archbold Band was accompanied by many citizens when they played a concert with the Ridgeville Corners Band in Ridgeville, Thursday evening.

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.

Fulton County has been asked to join with twenty other northwestern Ohio counties in the installation of a police radio system, which would link the entire group with headquarters in Findlay.

An air show will be staged at the old Bryan Airport, Aug. 28, with aviators competing from Angola, Montpelier, Bryan, and Butler, Ind. Parachute drops and stunt flying will be featured.

Thirty-six sacks of flour, property of the Fulton County Red Cross society, were removed from the Franklin Township Hall, in Zone. The flour, furnished by the government, was being used in relief work.

Garold Spoerle, Archbold, has one of the new Washington 25¢ pieces.

The person who runs down his hometown is really running down himself.- W.O. Taylor

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Aug. 6, 1907

Charles and Frank Spengler broke through a bridge while driving a threshing machine Thursday. Charles was severely hurt and is at his home near Zone. The bridge is in Franklin Township, east of Eli Wyse’s place.

When the Archbold band played on the street Friday evening, Aaron Leininger said he played in the old band twenty years and had done his share toward the musical education of the community.

Emil Shibler writes that he is sick at a mountain town in Colorado. He thinks it is walking typhoid fever, but it might be mountain fever. Typhoid is unusual at such latitude.

Enos Short lost a colt when lightning struck it Thursday evening. It was two months old.

Two building lots are sold, and two are spoken for in the Henry Carey Addition, in Archbold.

W.H. Wyse is the agent for the Union Central Life Insurance Co., of Cincinnati. He is authorized to transact business for the company.- adv.

Wiederker Brothers will build a 42×100 structure in the burned district in Stryker. It will have a seven-foot basement.

About 2 am Monday railroad workers were summoned to the Lake Shore Railroad. A freight train wrecked three miles west of Archbold at the Widow Short crossing.

An old-fashioned curbstone oratory took place Saturday evening. A medicine man and his wife, musical instruments, and a knock-down canopy platform entertained all who wished to listen. Several merchants complained that the medicine man had all the crowd. Archbold probably is the only town in Ohio where no license is charged for the use of the streets by vendors.

100 Years Ago

Friday, Aug. 9, 1907

Peter Flory, 79, died. He was born at Loure, France, March 22, 1832; came to Stark County when a few weeks old; moved to German Township, Fulton County, in 1884, where he resided until death. W.P. Grisier, undertaker.

Jay Riley says his firm will begin improvement of Depot Street as soon as the street is vacated.

Dan Leininger, Phil Laver, and J. Stuller are having cement sidewalks built in front of their homes.

Wauseon Savings & Trust Co., pays four percent on Clinton Township money.- adv.

The Home Bakery of G. Ehrat & Son has been rebuilt, repainted, and rearranged throughout.- adv.

J.W. Winzeler’s 130 chickens produced $112 in eggs, and hatched 536 chickens on $74.50 feed. He sold $7 worth of chicks, and still has 460 young ones. This is for six months beginning Jan. 1.

Last year some farmers said there could be no wheat crop when the ground was not covered with snow the greater part of winter. Last winter there was Florida-like weather much of the time and still there is a crop of wheat. So there you go.

When you catch a lot of fish it is your good judgment that enabled you to select the proper time, place, line, bait, etc., but if you get no fish it is merely a case of bad luck. The successful man says there is no luck. The unfortunate man says luck is everything.

Looks like good business when 22 teams are lined up at the grain mill on Mechanic Street. Archbold is an important farm town.

Officials of the Lake Shore Railroad are going after the hobos. The capitalists are jealous of the tramp for they never work, ride free and spend their summers in the country and their winters in town. They are an exclusive society. They live from the labor of others and pretend to despise those who work.

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